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Keep The Focus
by Susanne Weikl

We all have days in our life where we experience being on top of the world and down in the dumps within a few hours. With this article I would like to inspire you to hold your focus and to allow yourself to be in harmony no matter what happens.

I had one of these days recently. I spent a few days in creative rest, staying in silence, fasting, meditating, practicing Hula, walking and relaxing. My aim was on paying attention to the appearance of creative impulses, giving them space and working with them. I enjoyed creating energy with greatest of ease and being clear and strong about making decision at the same time. Creativity was sprinkling like a water fountain and I finished this break with a lot of new ideas, ready for realization.

The next morning a client called me to let me know me that she had cancer. I've known her for many years and I felt very sorry for her. She recovered from breast cancer 6 years ago and you can image how she felt with the diagnosis of having cancer again. My mother had same kind of cancer.

After that dialogue, it seemed to me that I lost the strong and easy flow from my creative rest. By watching my thoughts and feelings I realized that I tended to dwell on the negative. It seemed like I could not feel good when others felt bad. I chose to change that and to have a happy day and enjoy my creative work. To strengthen the new focus I used my oracle cards. I got the advice to enjoy something in the present moment (I listened to the birds singing outside), to increase my Mana (I did pikopiko-breathing) and to complete something (I finished cleaning my kitchen sink). I felt very good afterwards and hey this is Huna, the process took me only 3 minutes!

Two hours later I read an email from a close friend. she had received a negative diagnosis after having a colonoscopy. I sent her my love and realized that because of the healing work I did in the morning I could cope with this new message in a better way and I kept my focus on my creative work.

During a walk in the afternoon I became aware of anger inside of me caused by resistance: "Why did I get such bad news just today?" The bad news was like dark clouds disturbing a sunny day. I remember that when I was in Bangkok, a city with lots of pollution and exhaust fumes, I just decided to deal with the situation by letting the fumes going through. It worked well in Bangkok.

I used that technique again and imagined letting the dark clouds flow through my Aka field and body, giving up all resistance. It was magnificent! I was centered and in harmony with myself and the day. So easy, and the flow of ease was stronger than before! How I love these quick and effective techniques!

I learned a lot about the secret of healing from that process. The real healing takes place by healing yourself, holding your focus and empowering the other to do the same. What I did was to focus on what I wanted and the client and my friend could do the same: to put and to hold their focus on what they wanted. In the end we have a similar process, only the goals are different.

As I realized that, I mentally sent this healing package as a present and impulse to the client and my friend and also to everyone I shared this article with.

I got an email from my friend the next day, thanking us for the encouraging energy. The client came a few days later and told me how surprised she is to feel strong and assured about the way she choose for healing. Looks like the Ku of both used my mental gift.

Susanne Weikl teaches classes on Huna and Shamanism, and works as a healer, counsellor and therapist. Her website is

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