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A Key to Healing
by Paul Waters

Over the past six years, our Healing Circle on Kauai has made profound changes in the lives of countless people. We have focused our energies weekly on people, places and things throughout the world with both measurable and favorable results.

One of these uncanny results was witnessed on March 26th, 2002.

That morning, I came to the Hawaiian Art Museum where the meetings are held to check on a few things. As I unlocked the door, I had a very difficult time getting the key out of the lock. After almost 5 minutes of tugging, twisting, jiggling and even talking to the key (actually, pleading with it!), it finally came out. I then performed my tasks. As I left and locked the door, it resisted leaving the keyhole again. After more minutes of repeating the above procedures with a degree of frustration, it eventually came out. "Quite perplexing," I thought. "Yesterday, it worked perfectly."

Later in the day I tried it again, feeling that if I gave it a rest, it may decide to cooperate. Wrong! It continued its abstinence twice more.

That evening was the Healing Circle. I came early to set up and arrange the room for the meeting, only to find that the key was being more difficult than ever. This time I blessed it, begged it and further wrestled with it for almost ten minutes before it conceded and came out of its hole.

Now, at every Healing Circle, we put the names of people, places and things in a basket in the center of the circle. Landslides, droughts, storms, automobiles, and nearly everything imaginable have been placed in the basket from one time to another. Why not a key? After all, everything is alive, aware and responsive, so I got the key and put it at the basket. Opening the circle with a healing meditation for the participants and the "basket people," I asked all to give a blessing to the key at the end. I then passed the key around the circle so that all could give their individual harmonizing energies to it as well.

We teach that effectiveness is the measure of truth, and now was that moment! I took the key and went back to the door. Putting it into the keyhole, I then locked and unlocked the door. Now came the moment of "truth." Voila! It came out of the lock effortlessly! Stunned, I tried it again. Perfect! And again. Perfect! In a mixture of disbelief and elation, the circle participants cheered and the whole circle was abuzz with the effectiveness of our work.

Everything is energy. Your energy is the same energy as everything in the universe, albeit in different patterns. Nonetheless, this energy can and does influence the patterns of other people, places and things. That is the key!

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