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The "Like" Button
by Stewart Blackburn

Facebook has given us lots of lovely memes, but none so useful as the "Like" button. We get to let people who post things know that we appreciate what they've posted. We get to let other people know something about us, namely that this is something that we like or value. And it reinforces within us the flow of positive energy.

This last benefit to the "Like" button is the one that I find most fascinating. I marvel at the speed with which we can go from being fully energized and powerful to being weak and down with a single simple thought.

Isn't it amazing that the whole energy system that we are, with all our grand thoughts, our powerful emotions, our even more powerful connections to Spirit can be stopped with a single thought. It's like all the electricity that powers a great city like New York gets turned off when someone just flicks a switch.

The thought or switch is just one particular thought; it's a thought that makes us feel bad about ourselves. Any negative thought has that effect whether we are criticizing some one else, blaming some thing for not working right, or even judging the weather. It's the thought that something is wrong.

Now, a notion that we've turned into the wrong street is not so bad, or that we got the wrong answer on Jeopardy. But any thought that takes us down in our own eyes does the trick. It seems that we have a hidden button that connects to our own self-doubt, a button that says there's something wrong with us. And any time that button gets pushed and we start feeling negatively, our energy goes down, and our vibration gets very low. Not only does this feel bad, but we also seem to attract more problems when we're in this state. Things just don't go right, and it's hard to get out of this downward spiral. One moment we're on top of the world and the next minute we're mired in the shadows.

And the converse is equally true. A simple thought like, "Oh, that wasn't so bad!" or "Hey, that worked out better than I thought it would!" can lift our spirits up instantly. I realize that this is fairly obvious, but what I find missing in a lot of people I talk to is the realization that they can do this about-face in their thinking any time they want to. They can come back to feeling good and maintaining a high vibration by simply hitting the "Like" button over and over.

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." - Voltaire

There is another, perhaps even more important, aspect of hitting the like button. When I feel good, I usually feel better about who I am and where I stand on this Earth. And when I am immersed in this self-love, I move about with greater self-esteem. So, the simple act of liking something has a profound effect on my self-confidence. The "Like" button is probably the easiest way to boost this sense of self-confidence. When I do this on a regular basis, then I am feeding myself in the most healing of ways.

So I look for the "Like" button wherever I go. I look for the "Like" button in each activity I get involved with. I look for the "Like" button on each person I encounter. And I look for the "Like" button whenever I think about myself.

This last one, "I look for the 'Like' button whenever I think about myself," is probably the best counter to the incessant self-criticism that most of us face. We want to be and do better and it seems like self-criticism will help us do that. But the "Like" button is much more effective in helping us change. Feeling good is a much better motivator than shame. We can take charge of how we are feeling by simply finding the "Like" button.

So I invite you to keep your eyes peeled for the "Like" button wherever you are. It's there somewhere. And when you find it and press it, the magic begins. May all your days be filled with magic!

Copyright 2015 Stewart Blackburn

Stewart Blackburn is the author of The Skills of Pleasure: Crafting the Life You Want. His website is:; email:

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