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Lost Thread (a true story)
by Jo Danieli

Jo: "Hallo?"
Chris: "Hi, Jo, I've got a problem."
Jo (thinking: ,... nothing new ..): "Tell me!"
Chris: "It is half past six p.m., and I have nothing to do."
Jo: "Great. So you have plenty of spare time."
Chris: "To spend on what?"
Jo: "But it is you who is on the greatest spiritual path, as you always say. You found a way to be satisfied all the time, didn't you?"
Chris: "Yes."
Jo: "And you just came from a meditation weekend where you cleared your inner world."
Chris: "Yes."
Jo: "And all your collegues in the job admire your ability to be happy."
Chris: "Yes."
Jo: "And you read those books and found out how to think so you never have to feel uncomfortable?
Chris: "Yes. But today is a special day."
Jo: "Yes, it must be special to have much leisure-time."
Chris: "That's the problem. Usually, as you know, after the job I go to the Zen classes, do my Shiatsu treatments and have Tai Chi training. But today the massage clients cancelled the sessions, the Zen-class doesn't take place, and Tai Chi will continue the day after tomorrow."
Jo: "So what?"
Chris: "I just don't know what to do instead."
Jo (watching goosbumps appear on her arms): "... ah. What about painting, like you used to do?"
Chris: "Boring."
Jo: "Doing gymnastics?"
Chris: "Already done for two hours."
Jo: "Going to the cinema?"
Chris: "Yes. A bright idea. Would you come?"
Jo: "Sorry, I am very busy this evening."
Chris: "Oh, no! I don't want to go to the pictures alone. More fun with somebody else."
Jo: "Sorry, I really feel like working on my book tonight, and I will go out for a night-walk with my dog. And then, later, a great film ..."
Chris (sighing): "Gosh, I really should have taken my brother's old TV set."
Jo: "But you always said that you never wanted to become a TV watcher."
Chris: "Just for emergencies, like today. Okay, if you don't wanna come, I'll probably call Steve to come with me."
Jo: "Good."
Chris: "One more question: Looks like you with your Huna are never bored. Could you probably teach me that path? With your practices of Huna you always know how to spend your time. Seems to be a great system of interesting techniques."
Jo: "What do you mean ... techniques?"
Chris: "Since you have been living according to Huna ..."
Jo: "I am not living according to Huna. I am living according to being human and using my innate nature as an universal being."
Chris: "You learned to spend your time so that you always feel fulfilled! Great system!"
Jo: "Huna doesn't teach how to spend your time so as not to be bored. This philosophy teaches nothing more or less than ..."
Chris: "... how to meditate?"
Jo: "No. Only how to ..."
Chris: "... do massage?"
Jo: "... more basic stuff."
Chris: "How to sleep better?"
Jo: "No. How to be just 'me.'"
Chris: "You?"
Jo: "Yes. With the wisdom of how to discover my true nature. My true wishes and abilities. My power. My love for life."
Chris: "... allright. Well, tomorrow this feeling will be gone."
Jo: "But what about today? Don't you want to feel better today?"
Chris: "Yes, I'm going to watch an action film. A funny one. The new Jackie Chan. Tomorrow I won't have the time or opportunity to feel bored and isolated. I'll have some massage clients, and the Zen class takes place, again. Thanks for your ... advice. And ... Wow! Late, already! I have to call Steve quickly. Most pictures start at half past eight."
Jo: "Enjoy, Chris."
Chris: "Okay. What about coming to the Zen class with me, tomorrow, Jo? Might be more fun to be there with somebody who is as spiritually developed as I am."
Jo: "Yes, could be interesting, one day, when it feels right for me. By the way. I am not spiritually developed, I am just interested in life itself."
Chris: "Wow! Your Huna teachers teach you great sayings. Do you allow me to tell this one to my Zen master?"
Jo: "My Huna teacher is myself, Chris."
Chris: "This really sounds freaky. Esoteric! I am much more grounded, darling."
Jo: "Grounded?"
Chris: "I see life like it is: Difficult and boring, a strict and rude teacher. But now I have to finish. Aloha, as you say!"
Jo: "Have a nice time."
Chris: "Oh yes. While talking with you I spent half an hour of the time remaining till my next date with clients! Oh, I feel so challenged!"
Jo (smiling): "Me too. Aloha."

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