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Loving Relationships
by Kala Kos

When I think of the Huna perspective on how to have ongoing Loving Relationships, I am immediately reminded of the importance and power of "aloha."

Aloha in the Hawaiian sense actually refers to "a sharing of joyful energy within the present moment" (Cf. The Little Pink Booklet of Aloha, by Serge Kahili King).

In other words, it's about being "happy with" yourself and others. And the degree to which you can do this is the degree that you are able to share love.

Here, love is considered an active thing - a joyful energy that is passed between the participants.

Certainly the energy that is shared between ourselves and others is influenced by the focus of our thoughts.

So, how exactly, can we focus our thoughts to support loving relationships?

Here are 5 ways:

1. Focus on the positive qualities in yourself and others. That increases confidence. Focus on the positive benefits of the relationship(s). That increase harmony.

2. When your focus is continually drawn to past events (especially if they were unhappy,) or future events, the love is diminished. Know that love is created anew, each moment, every day. Focus your attention in the moment.

3. By blessing - that is, giving and receiving praise, acknowledgement and appreciation - love is increased. Love is decreased by the separation caused from judgement and criticism. Remember to bless often.

4. When you regularly focus to acknowledge your own source of power, Spirit, you generate more confidence and harmony from within. That increases your loving interactions with others. Choose to focus on Spirit more often.

5. When you use loving means, such as loving combinations of words, images, feelings and actions that bring harmony within your relationships, love is increased. If you want a loving outcome, use loving means.

There you have it. It's so very simple and yet so powerfully effective. Yet, I must admit that it's not always easy. I'm sure you often catch yourself, like I do, acting from old negative programming rather than from these concepts...

However, as Loving Relationships become more and more a priority, our focus makes it possible for us to adopt these as a "way of life" rather than as tools we happen to use when we remember.

Shall we choose, together, to make Loving Relationships our priority? As a wonderful old book, called Das Energi, said:

"Vote with your life. Vote Yes!"

The above excerpt was written by Kala H. Kos. For further information about the ancient knowledge of Hawaii, known as Huna, as taught by Kala Kos, please visit: or Email:

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