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The Magic Mirror
by Jim Fallon

I feel that Huna has a great deal to say about self-image, because self-worth is the fundamental basis for establishing happiness--the aloha consciousness--which brings contentment and spiritual evolution, for "To Love Is To Be Happy With." Dr. Serge King has stated "The main thing that keeps us from feeling good about ourselves is our Self Image. This is the set of ideas that we have about ourselves." Dr. King gives many techniques to improve one's self-worth, or self-image (See Dr. King's article, "How To Feel Good About Yourself").

One of the goals of shamanism is to learn how to break the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and actions that are the result of lack of positive self-imagery. Huna provides practices and mental actions that will improve self-esteem, and with that improvement will come increased self-confidence, as well as greater understanding of yourself and your world, leading to greater happiness. Again, Love is to be happy with.

The essence of self esteem is that how you feel about yourself significantly influences how you think, how you react to life events, your ability to function harmoniously in your life and your ability to solve daily problems. A positive self-image leads to greater success in all areas of your life, whereas poor self-image leads to malfunctioning of your consciousness and mind and thus failure in almost all areas of life. This is a negative aspect of Kala (there are no limits). In this case it means you are bound and stuck at a level of consciousness that is not harmonious to you or anyone else.

Self-esteem is the measure of your respect for yourself and thus your self-confidence. It seems that a lot of people suffer from low self-worth, which manifests as feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, fear and most often as guilt.

As you grow in greater confidence, optimism and compassion,the Aloha spirit, you can enhance your positive self-imagery and develop the assurance that you are competent to live your life.

You will develop have greater resiliancy and ability to rapidly bounce back from difficult problems, assuring greater success in the areas that are vital to you.This is Pono, which allows flexibility of your mind to develop more creative approaches to life, and Kala, there are no limits.

Here's the secret: Your mind needs to understand that accepting yourself does not necessarily mean liking. Accepting does not mean you cannot hope for improvement. Like the basic statement in Dynamind, "I have a problem and that can change." Accepting means experiencing something without avoidance or denial. Accepting means accepting a fact as a fact. It means the body you see in the mirror is your body--plus a mental attitude. Again, pono, effectiveness is the measure of truth.

Here is a simple technique. Go to your personal garden, and imagine a full length mirror in front of you. Say "mirror mirror before me now, am I the fairest of them all? Look at your digital mental representation of your self in that magic mirror, look at your body.

As you look at the different parts of your body, be aware of the subtle emotions that arise in your mind. You will find that some parts of your body induce more approval and that other parts induce disapproval. You might find that some parts of your body are more difficult to look at and that the mind wants to rapidly move on to another part of your body. When this happens, the mind pushes these thoughts out of your consciousness, Lono, into your subconscious, Ku, by denying or rejecting certain aspects of your being that are symbolized by various parts of your body. Stay focused on the task of looking at your body in the mirror.

The next step is to tell yourself something like, as in the Dynamind basic statement, ŅI have imperfections now, and that can change, I accept myself and know that these imperfections can change." Give your mind time to grasp the meaning of what you are saying. Breathe deeply, and as you inhale, slowly repeat your statement. Repeat this process and continue to repeat the affirmation for one to three minutes.

Doing this will bring about a more harmonious relationship with yourself, leading to greater self-confidence. At the same time, you will find that you develop a deeper and more positive relationship with everyone your meet. Life takes on a new glow, a new meaning and a new joy, which is what the aloha spirit is all about.

Be yourself, accept yourself and in so doing, accept all others. It is the beginning of a wonderful, meaningful and joy-filled life. Thus you will be living in the The Aloha Spirit.

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