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The Manifestation Process
by Jim Fallon

In Dr. Serge King's recent book, Changing Reality, he speaks of something called CFOR:

"CFOR stands for concurrent fields of reality. Using third world logic, 'ike papakolu, the symbolic world, assumes that reality is a dream and that dreams can overlap." The question is, can we make this happen consciously and what is the process?

The AO centers are mass-energy converters. They convert mass to energy, and energy to mass. They manifest inner plane "thought forms" and create the objective world. This manifestation follows a very specific process.

All processes of manifestation follow a basic format. Everything basic in this physical Cosmos/Objective world was manifested by this process. Nothing physical or material can be accomplished without the 'process' being used. There is no physical action on this physical/ objective world' that does not follow this 'process.'

Let us take a simple example. Suppose you want a certain automobile. You now determine to use the process to obtain what you want.

Concurrent fields of reality process:
1) Meditate/think place your attention at the AO center at the crown of the head, with the idea that everything already exists there, having all things and all possibilities in it 'NOW, ALREADY.' Whatever the thing or things you want now is there 'RIGHT NOW.' So the automobile you want is 'THERE NOW!' Do this at the crown center.

2) Now proceed to the AO center located at the forehead. Look into your mind and 'SEE' in your 'IMAGINATION' the automobile, 'visualize' the automobile. This means that you must do all that you can to 'BUILD UP' this 'INNER IMAGE'. You must go and look at the automobile in the dealer's showroom, get pictures of it, study it, go sit in it, get to know it in all its details, every little detail about it, in and for 'REAL'. Then you must 'REPRODUCE' these details in your 'IMAGINATION' picture closely. Do this at the forehead center.

3) Now proceed to the next AO center, the chest/heart area, your work is now to put yourself and your 'IMAGINATION/PICTURE' together. This is called envisioning. 'What is meant is that you put 'YOURSELF' and 'YOUR IMAGINATION PICTURE TOGETHER WITH FEELINGS/EMOTIONS.

You must 'FEEL' that you and the 'OBJECT' you 'Desire' are 'ONE ALREADY. You have to 'PASS THROUGH' this stage with a very natural connection made between you and the object before the object can come to you in the 'REAL.' Do this at the heart center.

4). And now you proceed to the final AO center, the navel, and see (picture) the state of your 'Desires Fulfilled' see it now for 'REAL' in your life. Do this at the navel center.

What you are doing is taking from the infinite possibilities at the quantum level at the crown AO center, and taking this possibility and manifesting it into a probability, using the rest of the centers to convert this energy into "mass", or a particle of manifestation. You now know the process of manifestation for taking these concurrent fields of reality, the AO centers, and making the process of manifestation happen consciously.

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