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Communicating in Your Mental Garden
by Jim Fallon

You can use communications in your Mental Garden to resolve issues between people, either alive or deceased, to influence situations, seek answers and guidance, or to learn someone else's expertise for your own use.

People have always attempted to communicate with the dead for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons have to do with not having had the chance to say "goodbye" or "I love you" while the person was still alive. Another major reason is to complete or resolve outstanding issues with dead relatives. In some cases, either you or the spirit seeks forgiveness for a wrongdoing, or to simply seek and give or receive an apology.

Whatever the reason is that you want to learn how to communicate with the dead, you only need to have the genuine desire and belief to do it. Mental Garden communication is a process which involves sending mind to mind thoughts to someone you want to communicate with. Everything is alive, nothing dies, it just changes from one form of energy to another.

Enter your Mental Garden (see Dr. Serge Kahili King's Urban Shaman or Mastering your Hidden Self) and imagine that there is a pathway leading from your Mental Garden to the spirit's Garden.

If you are trying to contact a loved one, once you are in their Garden see some of their photographs, as well as some of their personal items. See yourself touching these objects. This will make your mind more attuned to the spirit you are trying to contact. See in this Garden family films, photo albums, old letters, glasses, a piece clothing they liked to wear, as well as a few of their favorite things. Touch them, see them, hear them, such as what was one of their favorite songs.

Now bring this spirit into the Garden by intending it and imagining it. Meet them and have a mental conversation.

Mentally see yourself talking to the other person and explaining the problem or situation to them. See them gesturing in agreement. Now is the time to ask for or give forgiveness or an apology. Visualize clearly a happy and positive outcome to the communications. Communicate beneficial suggestions, which you clearly visualize the spirit agreeing with. When finished, leave their Garden, and go back to your Garden.

You can also use Garden communications to ask the expert(s), dead or alive, about a subject that interests you. Go to your Garden and invite the expert in.

Ask the expert what to do. Whatever comes to your mind after you ask, is the expert's answer. Whatever comes your mind are the experts thoughts, transmitting their ideas into your mind, as to what to do. So you'll be thinking as though you thought it up yourself, but you thought it up with the information the expert gave you.

You can also use the expert's abilties as if they were you own by observing and merging with the expert in your garden.

To do this, first invite an expert on something you want to do or are having a problem with. For example, you invite the expert in and observe what it is that they do. Now, merge with the expert. What ever it is that they were doing, now see yourself doing it. You can also do this by imagining that you are placing their head over your head, like a helmet, or simply just imagine that you are stepping into their body and now you are doing what they do, looking through their eyes, hearing through their ears, feeling with their feelings.

Here are some more examples of questions and situations:
You can invite in a business competitor, and ask how they are overcoming their issues.
You can invite a legislator and ask about what new laws will be passed this year.
If you are involved in a lawsuit, you can invite the opposition attorney and ask what their strategy is going to be. Invite the judge in and have a conversation or suggest a fair hearing and favorable outcome to all involved.
You can get professional guidance, like from a employment consultant, on how to go about getting a job, or talk to a job interviewer prior to your interview.
You can invite in shamans and ask them questions.
You can also help resolve issues with individuals.

Let's say you have a friend who is getting in with the wrong group. You bring this person into your Garden and communicate and explain why it would be to their advantage and the benefits of not doing this. See them agreeing and visualize their behavior improving.

Perhaps your boss or a co worker is hassling/bullying/intimidating you. Communicate with the person concerned and explain that it would be a lot better for both of you and for the company if they changed their behavior. See them agreeing. See them modify their behavior every time they take a drink of their favorite beverage.

Or maybe you need a job or your business is not going well. Simply visualize yourself standing on a stage in front of a microphone with your customers or prospective employers, or people you desire to communicate with, in the audience, receiving your message and responding to it. Mentally picture people responding to your communications broadcast in any and all ways that you can imagine. In addition, imagine that the microphone is connected to a broadcasting antenna and that you are communicating with a broad band of potential customers or employers in your vicinity. Mention your name and address and where your resume is located or mention the name and address of your business and communicate that you have exactly what they need. Imagine the employer or customers that you are communicating with receiving your message and responding to it.

These are just a few of the possibilities for working with your Mental Garden. Try them out and soon you will find yourself inventing new ways to use it that fit your particular situation in life.

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