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Mind Probe
by Jim Fallon

This is a method based on the ancient technique of thought language, on how to deal with issues where metaphysical techniques seem to fall short. This "mind probe" allows information about your state of mind and health come to the surface. Through this awareness, it is easier to detach from negative emotional aspects which contribute to health issues, or a condition of disease.

I use a form of journaling to make contact with various aspects of the personality, and also to allow communication with body parts having an issue (everything is alive, consciousness and dreaming its own dream).

What you do is to ask these personality parts or body parts to come forward and express themselves, and you write the ideas and words or images that come into your mind. If nothing seems to be coming in to your mind, then just start making up answers to get the flow started. Just think what that aspect might like to express. By this process,you'll be making up true things.

The idea is to get some spontaneous information coming through. Just trust whatever comes into your mind. You will be communicating with the consciousness and personality aspects of these areas. This will help you obtain a better understanding of yourself. Just imagine the communication, imagine what you are hearing with your inner ears, or put what feelings you get into words. Trust yourself to do this, trust your first impressions, and usually the dialogue just seems to take off.

Questions to ask are: Is there an aspect of this problem that feels repressed? (situation or body part or area?) Ask the question, then allow any thought, symbol or feeling to come forth that feels repressed, and allow this communication to express itself though your hand. Write down everything you perceive. Allow this repressed aspect to write.

Why does this aspect feel repressed? What would it like to have happen?

Is there any old emotional pain or anger, hurt or feels wounded? Why does this aspect retain the pain?

What would it like to have happen?

Allow this communication to express its self though your hand. Write down everything you perceive. Allow this repressed aspect to write.

Other questions to use with this process:

Is there an aspect within you that does not want to get well? Are there any benefits for it to remain it as it is?

To let go of this , ask if there is an aspect that denies reality and cannot accept what is?

Now, use this information to make changes in your mind, your body and your life.

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