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My 'AHA!' Moment
by Lisa Larsen

For the past week in the "Magic of Manifesting" Course, I have watched Serge, Stewart and my classmates in how they apply Huna to their lives. Having had some very hard times, personally, in the past few years, I have been feeling a little like a fraud becoming an Alakai, knowing the material, but feeling like I am not doing it "right" in applying it to my life.

Then, tonight, reflecting on the week with Serge, Stewart's class, a conversation with a classmate, and a comment from another, I had an "aha!" moment: Just because I'm not where I want to be, doesn't mean I'm not where I am, or that it isn't good enough. Nor does it mean I am where I once was, or where I will be in the future. I am where I am. I help animals and people and I feel good about that. I work towards bettering myself, and in that respect I will never really "get" to a destination, because my goal is to always improve myself, which I am already doing, so I am already there, in the now, in the present.

The classmate who made a comment said to me that I seem like such a happy person, to which I was taken aback, from the inside, falling back on information of what my life has been of late, and I made the off-hand comment/joke that it was a facade. But of course, it is not. If that is how I am presenting myself to others, that is what I am in that moment. And, if it is in that moment that I am a happy person, through small moments and experiences, and connection with others in life, then indeed, that is what I am. If that presentation to the world helps that person, or others, all the better, because that is when I am truly happy--when I can help others.

So I am not a fraud, nor do I present a facade. We are all on on our journeys of living in the present moment. If those present moments, if only for the moment, make us happy, it is up to us to acknowledge it and appreciate it for what it is. Now is the moment of power. For when we take those small moments of happiness, brief as they might be, and stop attaching the past or the future to them, then those happy moments string together, weave together, like a tapestry, where the pains of our lives are not dismissed or ignored, but used in concert with those happy moments, to weave the beauty of who we are as individuals, as healers, as shamans, as spirits and as souls, in the adventure that we have so beautifully manifested in this particular lifetime of our soul's evolutionary journey.

With that knowledge, I thank all of you for being part of the tapestry that makes me who I am, in the here and now, proud of what I've accomplished and grateful for the examples and opportunity, and of course, the friendship.

Just because you are not where you think you want to be now, does not mean you are not where you are, or that it is not "good enough." You are not where you were, or where you will be. We are here. We are in the now, and everything is working out perfectly. Thank you all for this experience. Amama.

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