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Huna is the way to go Article

Nordic Huna
by Jo Danieli

Many people interested in the Huna philosophy want to believe that "Huna" is a "Hawaiian religion", but, folks, it certainly is NOT. "Huna" as philosophical entity comprises a attitude towards life; and "Huna" is only a Hawaiian word meaning "hidden" and "not obvious" (among other meanings) that points to the fact, that the magic creative force innate to humanity is not recognized yet by many people. It works "hidden", but yet there is nothing in a human beings existence that is not related to the invisible forces embraced by the "Huna-philosophy". "Huna" describes everything that goes on in "Po" of the Cosmos (the "invisible" realms) that we humans can't perceive with our sensory system and abilities of interpretation, but that shows as effects in "Ao", the "real world". "Po" embraces the "inner world" of every Homo Sapiens ... and the Hawaiians of old have known spiritual lore that has turned out to be one of the clearest assessments of the creative powers and the spiritual nature of man with all our physical and subtle aspects and our connection with the "Cosmic network". All cultures of the word have their legends and tales about how humanity is tied into the creation processes of the Universe offering stunning perspectives of the "Cosmic network" - often expressed in a picturesque spiritual "language". (A true Huna-person knows to recognize the "Huna" wisdom and aspects of existence always and everywhere!) The myths of the high North of Europe, for example, show in a particularly charming way that humans of the past have thought of their interrelatedness with all the phenomena of the Cosmos ...

The so-called "world-ash-tree" "Yggdrasil" connects as a form of "tree of life" the sky, "hell" and the earth. "Yggr" is another word for "Odin" or "Wotan", the highest God of the peoples of the North. "Drasil" means "carrier" or "bearer". "Yggdrasil" may be translated into "bearer of the Absolute".

In the shade of "Yggdrasil" the "Goddesses of fate" are sitting, the "Nornen". The three ladies with the funny sounding Nordic names "Urd", "Werdandi" and "Skuld" have very special tasks to fulfill. "Urd" means "word", and the deity is responsible for creative impulses, representing the past. Her sister, "Werdandi", which means "the one that comes into being", manifests what "Urd" had put into motion. This expresses the wisdom that ideas are the models for future reality. "Werdandi" represents the present time, she comforts the suffering and gives them new hope.

(This is always the case when people see their visions manifest and start to believe that "they can do it", whatever.) In the here and now shows what we have sowed in the past. "Skuld" is the allegory for the future and makes sure everybody gets what is meant for him in his current life. She is said to be the inexorable guardian of justice. Legends tell that people can't often understand "Skuld's" behavior ... pointing to the fact that people have problems understanding their roles in creation ... This trinity of deities represents the creative inner forces of the human being. "Ao", the "real world" or "day world" of the Hawaiian traditions resembles "Midgard" of the old Nordic myths of Europe, it is the "human's world". "Nifelheim" represents that part of creation that is more to be felt and guessed than to be seen: the invisible realm. And "Hrimthursen" is the "under-world". All three levels of existence are represented as the roots of "Yggdrasil". High about everything the Gods reside - in "Asgard".

Wells spring under the roots of the ash-tree, symbols for the creative nature as such: The well under "Nifelheim", for example, waters the whole Earth and creates all the rivers. Under "Hrimthursen" "omnipotence" springs forth, the knowing about everything, and "Midgard" hosts the well that serves as meeting point for the deities: Here they discuss the fate of man.

Under "Nifelheims" roots "Nidhoegger", a snake, dwells too, who chews at the roots. This might indicate the idea that our eternal spiritual being is constantly influenced by forces in the invisible world. The deities are constantly busy watering the ash-tree, and so the damage the snake causes stays minor. This means, that all aspects of our being - symbolized by the "Nornen" - incessantly cooperate to keep everything prospering.The story is not finished yet ... there is some more subtle esoteric teaching: The goat "Heidrun" lives in the top of the ash-tree, and she supplies the Gods with "met", honey-wine, and all the Gods and heroes revive themselves with the divine refreshment. There is also deer living in the tree, eating the buds, but the deities constantly wet these damaged areas as well with the restorative water of the "Urd"-well under the "Midgard"-root. "Urd" represents namely "creative impulses".

The whole scenario is a perfect allegory for the observation that words and actions constantly stimulate creation and re-creation - driven by the power of the ideas behind them. An eagle lives in the tree-top, quarreling with "Nidhoegger", and a squirrel runs up and down the trunk heating up the dispute. The meaning of this could be that the creatures of this world will never totally agree in their views of life because they experience life in so many diverse ways!

The Nordic myths tell, that "Yggdrasil" will someday survive the end of the world ... which is great reason for hope: "Yggdrasil" represents the "Cosmic network" of which man is part of. Whoever has invented these myths has been a playful, wise being who has created beautiful images to transmit very serious information: We play important roles in creation and are interrelated with everything that exists.

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