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Perfect Timing
by Susan Pa'iniu Floyd

Intuition is a beautiful thing. Its definition in Webster's Dictionary is: the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. Isn't it interesting that even in our English language our culture acknowledges the possibility of knowing something without use of the conscious mind....not so esoteric after all.

Consider that there is this potential to immediately know something without the conscious mind. The Hawaiians of old did, and being very practical people, they developed and used this as a skill. It allowed them to be in the present moment, trusting that they would "know" when to be, for example, somewhere else for the best fishing, for meeting another person, for avoiding conflicts etc. No need to "make" things happen. Have a desire and trust its unfolding at the perfect time. No need for red flags or hugh fanfare, the thought or feeling appearing was enough of a sign.

Once, a few years ago, I was visiting the new Black Sand Beach at Kalapana. (The old one was lost back in the late 80's when lava flowed over it.) While there I met a young Hawaiian woman who told me a story about her family during the time when Pele came through Kalapana. Her story much shortened: As the lava was approaching the homes in Kalapana, a county official, who was also a family friend, came to ask her grandmother and the family to evacuate their home. Grandma thanked her friend and as it was very early in the morning, she awoke the rest of the family and set them about on errands cleaning the yard. A couple of hours later the official came back to remind them the importance of leaving right away. Again her grandmother thanked him and after he left, she directed the family to clean the house while she made breakfast. They ate and as they finished, the official returned, insisting they leave immediately. This time Grandma said OK, cleaned up the kitchen, gathered the family outside for a pule (prayer) and they left their beloved home.

The lava flowed over two miles of Highway 11 (which remains closed even today) and continued to the sea. It wasn't until many years later, after it was safe, that county officials ventured back to the old village to assess the damage. Many homes were gone, but not Grandma's. The phone call came telling them they could finally go home! The lava had gone around, totally sparing this family's home. And, the young Hawaiian woman said, Grandma was not surprised by the news, as she "knew" deep inside, all was pono, (OK). She trusted her inner voice regardless of all the outer chaos and her prayers were answered.

Recently, I thought of an old friend, someone I knew on the Big Island 25 years ago. I wondered if he was still living here. Then I read about him in the local newspaper! He was interviewed about the discovery of radioactive depleted uranium found at a Big Island military training area. He has been and obviously still is a peace activist concerned about nuclear threats. I decided I would call him....but before I could, I saw him on line at a local grocery store, one that I hardly ever shop at, but needed something this day I could only get there! I believe this to be God's way of guiding us in directions we want to go. (As Serge says, answering our prayers, every thought being a prayer).

OK, this intuition stuff is great. Knowing without knowing, being at the right place at the right time! I enjoy it a lot, it's the magic that makes life so beautiful. But then, what is happening in the following instance? One evening during a particularly busy period of time in my life I consciously decided that "it would be real nice to have just one day with no schedule" and then the next day the total opposite happened? I got a call to take a friend to the airport, and when I got to his house, I discovered that four wild kittens had been caught and needed to be dealt with. To me that means not taking them to the Humane Society, where they would be put to sleep because they were too young to be adopted. SO I took them home to my bathroom, bathed each one, cut their nails, cleaned their ears, put drops and medicine in their eyes and, by bottle, fed them reconstituted milk (The very thing I bought at that local store!). Exhausted, I fed the rest of my feline friends and went to sleep. The next day another good friend called to see if I could help advise him on grants for Hula Festivals here and in Japan and asked if I would attend a meeting in two days. I, who knew very little about the grant process, said yes, and decided to do research on the internet.

About this time, Serge called. (Perfect timing!) After explaining what was happening in my life, I asked him why, right after my definite prayer for a quiet day, did I get the opposite? He reminded me that this apparently opposite result represented the blocks or beliefsI have about the request. So simple. ...I must have conflicting beliefs or I would be experiencing a quiet, unscheduled "red flag" had appeared so that I could notice the problem and hopefully correct what do I do? If I do nothing, nothing is gained and probably a brighter red flag would appear the next time I asked for a quiet day. I could figure out what the beliefs were that were in the way and change them. I could do Dynamind, which would relax and give direction to my Ku (body-mind). After, I could trust the perfect timing of this prayer by shifting my attention off resisting the obstacles and on to the present moment. (Resisting brings tension which interferes with intuition, so forget resisting!) I choose the latter. I decided to go about doing what new things I decided to do, with joy, and to be patient and trusting. Without attention, the obstacles have faded away. I happily continue to take care of the kittens in the bathroom, I happily continue to research the grants and I am feeling more and more peaceful. It may not be exactly what I thought of as a quiet day, but I am full of energy, intuition is flowing and I am getting much more accomplished, more easily, in each new day!

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