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Remote Viewing & Remote Influencing
by Jim Fallon

Remote viewing is a "mental projection" with your mind to another person or place and observing with your inner eyes what is taking place there, or what a person is doing and/or the details of a distant location. It is a form of telepathy or thought transference, which is the communication of impressions from one mind to another. This technique allows one to tune into the thoughts, feelings, desires and awareness of another person. Remote influencing is the ability to project your own thoughts, feelings, and desires to influence another person.

How does it work?

Serge King, in his book, Mastering Your Hidden Self (1985), talks about this. "... We remain in contact with everything we sense by means of 'sticky' aka threads, like drawn out strands of bubble gum, that never break and never get tangled. Every time we renew contact, another thread is formed, so that we are connected to certain people and places by cords rather than threads. In addition, by the power of thought we have the ability to send out an 'aka finger' to places or people we have never been in contact with, and thereby seek out information or have an influence."

The basics of the technique presented here uses the third principle of Huna, "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes." It also uses Piko Piko breathing to energize the "third eye," and intent and visualization to help reinforce the Aka thread, by visualizing an aka link from one Huna power center to another, to establish a "communications" link. This allows information to be received and "transmitted."

In Remote viewing, the mind subjectively (non-physically) detects subjective information about a subject, and then converts that information into a form that you can understand, such as a mental image, or words, or a feeling. It is important when using the technique that all information and impressions are not to be discarded.

The mental image (of what you remotely view) is not the actual communication. It is the end result of a mental process, just as the words or pictures on the computer monitor are the result of your instructions (given via the keyboard and the mouse) interacting with the word processing (or image processing) program, which then interacts with the computer hardware to produce light and dark pixels that you recognize as words and images.

The technique:
Piko Piko:
Remote influencing:
Inhale with your attention on your navel. Visualize what you are trying to do, or the result of what you want at the navel. Exhale with your attention at your forehead, about 1 to 2 inches behind the forehead. Visualize that this energy radiates out, like an aka finger or "thread" going to the other person's forehead. As you visualize this hold the image of what you're trying to do. Send it out in one strong intense vibration with the exhale breath.

Remote viewing or receiving:
This is the reverse of the manner in which the signal was sent out. Inhale, as you see the aka finger attached to the persons forehead. Exhale, and bring the attention to your navel. Visualize information coming inward towards you through the aka finger, coming inward towards the navel centering at the navel.

Remote broadcasting:
Rather than send the vibration out of the forehead, bring it up to the top of your head. Hold the image at the navel on the inhale, on the exhale, attention is brought to the top of the head, and see the energy spreading out like a cone. You can work with any single aspect described above or combine them in various ways for many purposes. When finished with any of the techniques, just visualize that the Aka cord is dissolving.

Practical Uses

  • You can use Remote Viewing to sense health problems and then take corrective action with Remote Influencing to restore perfect health for yourself and others.
  • With Remote Influencing, you help complement doctors' efforts by working from the inside of your subconscious mind and powerfully thinking yourself and others healthy!
  • You can even reshape your body image and easily attain by mind power alone your perfect and desirable weight and shape.
  • Since all your body cells are replenished and recreated every 7 years (20 days for your skin) you can Remote Influence you morphogenic fields to recreate better, younger and more pleasant body structures and skin complexion.
  • With Remote Viewing you can detect health problems and threats to your health, and then take action both physically and mentally with Remote Influencing to protect your health or restore and maintain optimum health for yourself and your loved ones.
  • While your doctor works from the outside-in with physical medicine, you help by working from the inside-out.
  • Remote View your relationships and foresee potential problems before they develop. You then see the other person's real desires and needs, and can sense barriers. This allows you to respond appropriately. You then know the best way to improve your love life and relationships.
  • Use Remote Influencing to magnetically attract a partner or perfect soul mate, improve your love life, and create happiness. Remote Influencing allows you to connect to that person on a deeper level and help bring about permanent changes that will establish deep rapport, and then be able to intensely take pleasure in your relationship for the mutual joy and benefit of both.
  • Remote View your children to see what they are doing, and then Remote Influence them BEFORE someone else influences them - the wrong way!
  • Use Remote Viewing to intuit what test subjects might be asked of you. Remote Influence your success at easily achieving the highest grades and attaining impressive academic credentials.
  • Use remote viewing to detect any information needed. It is all in the Aka field. You can do more than detect the facts. You can also learn how this information was applied, and the results achieved. In other words, you can learn from other's experiences, and apply them to your own situation.
  • Use remote broadcasting to subjectively communicate with potential customers who need and can benefit from your product. This will not only help the customer by helping them to achieve their goals and solve problems in their lives, it will help you to increase sales. Any way you want to imagine broadcasting your message is fine, such as imagining that you are speaking into a microphone at a TV or radio station and your message is being broadcast by a large broadcasting station tower.
  • Remote View a better job, then use Remote Influencing to get hired.
  • Remote Influence a promotion or raise.
  • Remote View the job interview before being interviewed and know beforehand the needs and wants of the company, then use Remote Influencing to establish rapport and convince them that you are the employee that they need.
  • Remote View to start your most successful new own business.
  • Remote Influence for more customers and increasing sales.
  • Remote Influence your employees' performance.
  • Use Remote Viewing to detect the information that will help you solve problems, then use Remote Influencing to implement your ideas and influence others that you have the answers.
  • Remote View the most appropriate and safest investment vehicles that will keep your financial assets safe and growing through these troubled times.
  • Timing is essential in all investment decisions, and you can Remote View the right moment to enter and/or exit an investment vehicle and "know" when to switch to another one.
  • Remote Influence the success of your financial investment prosperity. Using Remote Influencing erase past bad anxiety-causing experiences so that they do not arouse the exact fear of lack that may have caused prior losses to start with.
  • Get the "inner knowing" that, no matter what, you will be just fine and protected on many levels.
  • Become Fearless - Increase Energy - Enhance Self-Esteem - Reduce Stress - Achieve Your Perfect Weight - Think Yourself Healthy - Find Love - Improve Your Love Life - Negotiate What You Want - Become A Success - Create Happiness.
  • Influence others from a distance. Leave mental reminders and create an instant AKA connection.
  • Establish instant rapport with anyone you meet. Create a feeling of trust, connection, and enjoyment.
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity, whenever you choose.
  • When you have more information, you are able to make better decisions. And you get better results. This is enhancing "luck"." You are "lucky" because you have more information to work with and therefore get better results.

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