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Andean Saywas and Huna
by Jim Fallon

The Inca/Andean shamans had similiar ideas along the line of the seven principles of Huna. Wisdom is truly universal!

Medicine People in the Andes recognize life in the universe as a composite of seven notions or Saywas. Saywa, loosely translated, is a stone obelisk used as a marker on important mountain tops for the rise and decline of celestial bodies in their ecliptic. They also use these ideas for the Chumpi Stones which are Healing Stones of the Peruvian Shamans. These Healing Stones are connected to these sacred mountains of Peru, carrying the energy held by the Apus, or gods.

The stones also provide protection, strengthening the La' a Kea with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and pure light. The stones were used to heal the chakras, install initiation rights or bands of power, and were used for divination, like the Huna Shaman Stones.

The spiritual model for Andean people is composed of Seven Saywas or luminous markers to journey with in life.

For an Inca shaman, the alignment with these principles are the basis for interfacing with the environment, healing, divination and shapeshifting. For the Incas, they were a staircase to higher levels of consciousness and pathways to attain oneีs luminous nature to become a being of light, La'a Kea - The Lovelight. The seven Saywas are simple, yet powerful concepts that have been applied to everyday life by the Inca shaman, as the seven principles of Huna are applied by the Huna path of the adventurer.

These luminous markers are: Kausay Saywa (Life), Chekaq Saywa (Truth), Yuyaq Saywa (Wisdom), Chullaq Saywa (Oneness), Nunaq Saywa (Spirit), Kallariy Saywa (Embodiment), and Munay Saywa (Love/ Heart).

Below are the seven Saywas and their collorary to the seven principles of Huna:

Chekaq Saywa (Truth). Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth
Chekaq Saywa establishes that there are many relative truths in the realms of consciousness, but only one absolute truth, the truth of Munay or love. It is important to discriminate the different levels of truth, especially the consensual ones.

Kausay Saywa (Life). All Power Comes From Within
Kausay is the life force that creates galaxies, suns, mountains, and flowers. It is the primal energy of creation.

Yuyaq Saywa (Wisdom). There are no limits
Yuyaq Saywa is knowing and accepting at all levels of consciousness, the wisdom of the universe and its operating principles. Observation, detachment, adaptation, and stillness allow immersion in the universal ocean of wisdom.

Chullaq Saywa (Oneness). All Power Comes From Within
Oneness with the universe and yourself, and congruence and alignment of the energetic centers of the body .

Nunaq Saywa (Spirit). Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Explains that everything in the universe is animated by Spirit, collectively or individually

Kallariy Saywa (Embodiment). Now Is The Moment Of Power
It implies the embodiment of the process rather than the end result, which allows a change of relationship with time. Kallariy is to experience life in a timeless fashion. It is the understanding that everything is in constant motion, nothing is in perfect stillness.

Munay Saywa (Love/ Heart). To Love Is To Be Happy With
Explains that the universal mechanism of interface with the universe is love. Love is the connective tissue of all things in life. Munay establishes the basic affinity of all the levels of consciousness.

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