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Shamanic Training in the Middle East
by Cristina Bar-Sella

I live in the Middle East, most precisely in Jerusalem. I want to become a Shaman, and have been blessed with the most intensive on-going workshop you will ever find. This workshop started 3 years ago (with the begining of the Intifada, the Palestinian uprising) and it has been going on day after day since, with no coffee breaks or toilette pauses.

On the outside, my life looks pretty much normal, like any 46-year-old woman raising 2 children in a Western country. Nobody could guess that I have been enrolled in this Huna workshop: we get up in the morning, somehow manage to pull the kids out of bed, get breakfast ready and off they go, the children to school, and my husband to work. I go to the garden and water my plants. Very frequently a helicopter will be heard hovering around the city, and then I remember: they are searching for a terrorist. I rush in, turn on the radio, and hear that today we have a very high alert in the Jerusalem area. This means that information has been received by the Security Department that a terrorist has left the territories (West Bank or Gaza) and is on his way to explode himself somewhere in my city. Maybe even in my neighbourhood, as it happened a while ago, when a coffee shop 600 feet from my home was blown up, packed full of clients. Maybe even in my garden...

Fear paralyzes me immediately. I know that this is not an empty threat, but a real warning to the citizens to be careful. Ah, careful of what? Of not walking the streets? My husband walks the streets all day long, being a Real Estate Agent! More fear grips me. Now I rush to call him, to warn him, to stop him...and then the training starts: first, I remember that now is the moment of power, so I do some Piko-piko to bring myself back to my senses. Then I turn on my la'akea, and when I feel it is really strong I radiate it to my husband, my children and all my friends (I also include the terrorist).

In the meanwhile, thoughts on what a miserable life I have creep in. Why was I born Jewish? Why did I choose to come to live in this stupid country (I was born in Argentina)? Why, of all the places in the world, do I have to live in Jerusalem, which has been the target of so many terrorist attacks? Why didn't the Green Card manifest for us? What a poor victim I am of circumstances, everybody else has such a good life but me... Until I switch back to my workshop, and remember that the world is what I think it is, so I quickly start blessing all I have - a wonderful, beautiful city to live in, lovely children, a great relationship with my husband - 'til I bring myself to a good spot again - to love is to be happy with!

I then sit quietly and do some work on this terrorist who is getting nearer and nearer to his target. First, I accept him and his mission as they are, without criticism (which can take a while). I then remember that on a certain level we are both connected and part of the one, there are no limits. I either grok him to try to "diffuse" his anger, or I access his Ku to try and direct him into a different course of action, more in harmony with aloha. I will try to make him feel that life is worth living, rather than killing himself and killing others. Very often, there are no attacks on the days I do this, maybe a coincidence, and maybe Pono...and then, what does it matter!

Next step on today's workshop schedule is to remind Ku that we are on a trust trip, that today is a good day, a happy day, a safe day, a loving day...

Suddenly the phone rings, interrupting my train of thought. It's a friend, quite upset, calling to ask if she should go into the center of town today, she has this important thing to do there, but then, there have been many, many terrorist attacks in this area before. Maybe she should stay home? What do I think?

So, back to the workshop, I remember that energy flows where attention goes, and that if she cannot make a switch on her fear, it is better for her to stay home. I talk directly to her Ku trying to calm her down. She talks for a while and I am back now to my training: I change my posture to a confident one, and I change my thoughts to those of complete trust. I know this conflict will be resolved soon, everything that starts has an end, so this problem has to end, too; and if so, this could also happen now. Miracles exist. Immediately I am flowed with negative answers (the ones I hear from every person when I expose my "positive theory on the situation"), and I fight them back, saying that although I personally don't have the answers, they do exist in the universe, and that by believing in their existence, I am giving them the energy to manifest themselves. And I continue till my Ku gets (temporarily) convinced .

I feel it is time for coffee, I look at the clock and realise it is not even 9 o'clock yet! Whew! What an intense session for today's training!

If anyone is interested in joining me in this workshop, you are most welcome. Tuition costs on the house.

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