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Shapeshift Your Future
by Jim Fallon

Grok your future self, shapeshift your future.

Or in other words, start sourcing yourself from the upper world now, the world that holds our becomming, and bring it into the present.

Grokking your future self:

To do this, follow Dr. King's instructions on going to your Garden, and enter the "upper" world through a hole in the sky.

When in the "upper" world, imagine in front of you is a time line, notice its color or just simply have a feeling that it is there, stretching out from your spot in the present moment all the way out to your future indefinitely.

The time line holds all your future information, future memories, things you're going to do, achieve and experience.

You now let yourself become very light and just float up out of the present moment and begin floating over to your future time line. You're just floating out over the days, the weeks, even the months, out into your future. Allow your inner self to take you into a perfect future moment for you to experience all that you ...abundance...information, as you begin to float down into the time line, into that future moment.

Now notice that right here in this future moment, you're meeting your future self, standing face to face with your future're meeting the person that you are.

Your future self has gained a great amount of information and wisdom about how and what it took to get to this point on your future time line, the direction you should take...perhaps an alternative destiny that you need in your present now for a more positive outcome in the future...your future self knows the most important thing that you need to know now in your life.

You now step (GROK) inside of the body of your future self and see through those eyes, feel from that heart, and hear through those ears. You now receive wisdom and information and understanding.

Now step back out of the body of the future self, and thank it for the information, as you begin to float up above your time line... bringing back with you all resources, informaton and skills you need.

As you float above your time line, you notice thin string like light pouring from your hands that pours all the way down onto that future moment and all the way along the time line as you float back towards the present moment, as you re-enter your garden from the hole in the sky.

You now start sourcing yourself from the upper world, the world that holds your becoming, and bring it into the present.

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