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Shapeshift Your Future
by Jim Fallon

There are world and individual country situations occurring now that have many negative political overtones.

Generally speaking, a "timeline" refers to your life on earth from birth to death. It includes all aspects of your life, like money, health, relationships, etc. Our linear-oriented civilization has brainwashed us to think that we have no other alternative life, other than what we are going through, but the truth is, according to some forms of science and metaphysics, you have several optional timelines available simultaneously. If you remain alert and unidentified with the givens, you can jump into another, parallel, timeline.

Jumping from one timeline to another occurs against the background of what is called "timelessness." In order to understand timelessness, though, you have to know what time is.

Time is a product of the mind.Simply put, it is the name we give to the experience of moving through space. The experience itself can be chronological or psychological.

Chronologically, it is the relative movement of the earth and the planets in the solar system.The Sun and the Moon are the primary indicators of our time and thus we have the solar and the lunar calendars. Psychological time is our perception of the passage of time, i.e., whether we perceive it as passing quickly or slowly. For example, you are flying in the air from Australia to New York and you look at your watch often, but the time seems to move slowly. A psychological effect of this is boredom. Another example is when you want to get work done within a certain deadline and time moves so quickly that you are not done with it. The psychological effect of this is usually stress.

Even in this context, most of us are conditioned by our culture to think of time as a single, linear progression of events. What is being presented here is the possibility of consciously shifting to a different progression of events and even modifying those events. To do this, you first enter a state of timelessness in which you can become aware of alternatives and choose to energetically focus on them to help bring them into your experience or, if you like, move yourself into a different timeline. In this timeless state there may be no sense of time at all, or an entire life may be experienced in what the outer world would call moments.

There are numerous ways to enter this state of timelessness, practiced in different forms throughout the ages in many cultures. Linear civilizations have often known of them and sometimes used them for recreation, relaxation, and meditation, without realizing their true potential. Some of the ways are difficult, and some are easy. Here are a few of the easier ones

Timeless Techniques
1. The yogic practice of contemplating your navel. In modern times this has been made the topic of jokes, but it is a valid method.
2. The Buddhist "vipassana" meditation, also called mindfulness meditation,
especially the "sati" variation which uses breathing as a focus of attention.
3. The various forms of "zazen" meditation.
4. Self-hypnotic induction.
5. Gazing (maintaining awareness of an object until there are no thoughts "about" it). Any object can be used, even a crystal ball, a yantra (mystical image) or simply a black circle on white paper.
6. What Dr. Serge Kahili King calls "Stillpoint," a technique using body focus.
7. The "Inner Garden" meditation also taught by Dr. King

Once in the state of timelessness, you can use one of these techniques to see and choose alternatives.

1. Inhale with your head forward, turn your head over your left shoulder, exhale. This symbolic movement cancels out the effects of the past in your current timeline. Do the same for the right shoulder, this cancels out the future consequences of the current timeline. Bring your head forward, inhale and exhale, letting new possibilities appear in your mind for you to choose from.

2.Visulize the moon merging with the sun, to quiet the mind and symbolically stop time, so that now you can create what you wish in the field of all possibilities.

3. In your Inner Garden, enter the "upper" world through a hole in the sky. When in the "upper" world, imagine that in front of you is a timeline Notice its color or just simply have a feeling that it is there, stretching out from your spot in the present moment all the way out to your future indefinitely. This timeline holds all your future information, future memories, things you're going to do, achieve and experience. Now let more timelines appear, all leading toward a future of yours from the present point.

Let yourself become very light and just float up out of the present moment and begin floating over the different future timelines. You're just floating out over the days, the weeks, even the months, out into the different possible futures. Allow your inner self to take you into a perfect future moment for you to experience all that you want--peace, health, love, abundance, success--as you begin to float down into the timeline, into that future moment.

Notice that right here in this future moment, you're meeting your future self, standing face to face with your future self. You're meeting the person that you are in that future moment.

Your future self has gained a great amount of information and wisdom about how and what it took to get to this point on your future timeline, the direction you should take, perhaps an alternative decision that you need in your present now for a more positive outcome in the future. Your future self knows the most important thing that you need to know now in your life. You now step inside of the body of your future self and see through those eyes, feel from that heart, and hear through those ears. You now receive wisdom and information and understanding.

Now step back out of the body of the future self, and thank it for the information, as you begin to float up above and back along your time line, bringing with you all the resources, informaton and skills you need.

As you float above your timeline, you notice thin string-like light pouring from your hands that pours all the way down onto that future moment and all the way along the timeline as you float back towards the present moment, as you re-enter your garden from the hole in the sky. You now start sourcing yourself from the upper world, the world that holds your becoming, and bring it into the present.

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