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Simple Healing
by Sonja Kass

I like simple things, and have been simplifying different aspects of my life for the past years. Uncluttering cabinets and address books, eating simpler and more natural foods, and practicing simpler spirituality were some of the effects, but most remarkable to me was one of the healing methods I discovered. Since it works so well it must be Huna.

It started with an ugly spot on my leg, almost in the same location where my dad's skin cancer had developed. The first time I noticed it, it was dark reddish brown, raised, felt rough, and had irregular edges that sometimes were slightly inflamed. It just looked disgusting to me, and even though it was no more than 1mm in diameter it filled me with fear.

Being a healer, I tried different alternative healing methods on it, and I seemed to have some success at first. It did not grow, and even shrank a little. Unfortunately I got so busy that I did forget more often than not, and about 2 months after I first discovered it it was 2.5mm in diameter and 1mm high. I showed it to my doctor, and she recommended removing it right after a big family event in 2 weeks, and to have a biopsy done. I thought about it often and with very negative emotions.

During a shamanic journey to my inner garden, I found a technique which very much suited my need for simplicity: I visualized a mouth in my leg, at the very same location where the spot was. In my mind the mouth spat out the spot, just like a cherry pit, and the spot detached from my leg, then immediately dissolved in light.

Visualizations are never hard for me, but this one was particularly easy. I also think, that the Ku, the body-mind as well as every cell of the body, can understand this image, if one ever ate and enjoyed cherries.

For the next week, every time the spot came to my mind, or I touched it, or I was reminded of it in any other way I visualized my leg spitting it out and as it flew off I visualized it dematerializing and being reduced to light, the original energy.

Now, even though I thought about the spot a lot, fears, worries, and other negative emotions were immediately neutralized, by the visualization. The technique is so fast to do that even in conversations, during work, and in other situations where I had to pay attention I could do it. Worst that happened to me was, that I had to ask people to repeat their previous sentence, or maybe someone noticed that I looked absent minded. It may take a second or two, so probably it is not a good idea to do it while driving a car.

As a side effect I became much more aware of my fears and worries, and other less than productive thoughts. Since I reacted to them in the same way - by spitting something out - they also decreased substantially and this in turn gave me a feeling of being in control again

After less than a week, I noticed the spot had shrunk, to about half it's size, and another 3 days later, when I checked to see if it was smaller still, it was gone. Completely. There was a small white scar in it's place, which already looked like an old injury.

I'd like to sum up the technique once more, which can easily be modified:

Visualize a mouth at the problem area

See the mouth spitting out the problem

As the problem is expelled, it dissolves in light

**If you haven't had cherries in a long time, buy some, find a hidden place and eat and spit, with vigor and joy, like the storybook child on the cherry tree branch...

...and if you don't like cherries find something to substitute.

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