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Speak to the Mind and the Body Will Listen
by Jim Brinkley

Last month I spent a few days in New Orleans. It is a wonderful city with friendly people, great Creole and Cajun food, fabulous jazz, a number of interesting museums, Mississippi River boats, and a myriad of quaint little shops. I was there for a meeting and each day I was able to walk from my hotel to the Convention Center via the Riverwalk Marketplace. The Riverwalk is an enclosed mall with lots of wonderful shops and varied eating establishments, including Cafe du Monde, home of the famous beignet, a wonderful "donut without the hole" covered with powdered sugar. Each day, as I strolled through this wonderful mall with its view of the Mississippi to fascinate me, I passed a fragrance shop. The scents emanating from this shop were wonderful but it was not until my last day that I noticed a banner proclaiming in large letters "Aroma Therapy" and beneath in smaller letters, "Speak to the Mind and the Body Will Listen." Wow! Pure Huna right there in the Big Easy.

Of course, in Huna we would probably be a little more specific: "speak to the subconscious mind and the body will listen." If you have ever witnessed any of Serges dramatic demonstrations, you already know that this is fact, not fancy. If you have not been so blessed, it is easy enough to try one yourself at home. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet room, where you will not be disturbed by others or by distracting sights, sounds, or smells. Get comfortable and then, without moving the rest of your body, turn your head to the right as far as you can and see what is there. Then turn your head to the left as far as you can and see what is there. Now I am going to ask you to imagine, as vividly as possible, that you are an owl. If you think you might have difficulty doing this, it might be helpful to view a picture of an owl before you begin.

Remember that owls are able to turn their heads almost 360 degrees and to look at what is behind them without moving their bodies. When you are ready, relax and look straight ahead again. As realistically as you can, imagine that you are an owl. In your imagination, feel your claws wrapped around the branch on which you rest. Feel your wings; stretch them out for a moment to relieve any stiffness you might feel after sitting on the branch for a while. Ruffle your feathers. Hoot if you like. Now, in your comfortable chair here the physical world, as a human being, turn your head to the right as far as you can and see what is there. Then turn your head to the left as far as you can and see what is there.

If your experience is similar to that of many people, you will find that after your imaginary time as an owl, you were able to turn your head quite a bit farther both to the right and to the left. You were probably able to see beyond your original points in both directions. Why is this? Your subconscious is your body mind. It is the part of your mind that controls your bodily functions. It is also the part that accumulates memory through the collection of sensory input. Your subconscious mind (or ku in Huna terminology) is like a computer. It is programmed with a set of life rules and regulations (kanawai) which it uses to respond to ordinary and extraordinary situations every day of your life. These rules and regulations are not fixed. They can be modified or changed whenever you wish, simply by reprogramming your inner computer.

Inner computer reprogramming is accomplished by speaking to the subconscious mind. You can speak to your subconscious mind in words but it is often more effective to use symbols, which is the preferred language of the subconscious. Imagining yourself as an owl sends a series of symbolic images to your subconscious mind to which it readily responds, often with startling results. When I have done this demonstration with a group, I have heard gasps of surprise and delight from several of the participants as they realized how they had just changed their physical reality using their minds.

As one becomes more adept in using Huna, one realizes that (s)he is able to influence more than his/her own body. Anyone can learn to increase financial status, expand career success, enhance relationships, improve the environment, and even influence the elements. Abating a rainstorm, helping plants to grow, calling the fish, and soothing a seething volcano were standard skills of many of the Huna Masters of old and of even a few today. So, to paraphrase our aroma therapy friends, "Speak to the mind and the world will listen!"

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