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Step Out Of The Trap - NOW!
Jo Danieli

A friend of mine uttered his disappointment, representing all the millions of people that feel the same way these days,that their positive focus could not prevent the war against Iraq. How come, that in spite of all the peace calls and the will of the people there is war ? ...they want to know.

Dear people! You are expecting the Universe to work according to YOUR schedule. It won't, though, as it seems. Sorry to disappoint you, but you are applying expectations due to habits to the situation. Don't get trapped in the modern "timing"-thinking, in the "fast-clip"-attitude and in the stress of needing to accomplish more better and faster. The Universe doesn't work like this. Why? Because beside YOU there are myriads of beings influencing the processes in the Universe with their "mana". And: All that we think and ever have thought weaves the "aka"-web of our future, so to say. I am talking about that "web" of energetic patterns that show in our perception as material beings, objects, happenings, thoughts and views, as ideas and rays, frequencies and sounds, chocolate and radioactive garbage.

The idea of self-empowerment of the individual is not old, be aware of that fact! For centuries if not thousands of years, people were used to consider themselves being helpless in front of the authorities who told them how to think, to be and to act. Since the beginning of the New-age-movement early in the 1900's, when people started to become aware of the effectiveness of shamanic views of the world including the understanding, that every single being has it's own "mana", a wave rose, a little, worldwide: People started tuning in their true nature as humans, as powerful self-responsible beings with creative power.

The wave is still rising, and some time it will start traveling and will eventually wash away those limiting views of the world that brought our race into misery ... But it is not the time yet. The idea of the individual's power is so young and fragile, that it is still overwhelmed in its effects by the old ideas of millions of people, that are still manifesting. The good news: This wave consists of innate wisdom, that every human being possesses without knowing it. So it has all chances to take over, soon, as soon as enough people are tuned in. In other words: That wave is irresistible and will grow and clean all the "inner factories" out of garbage - unless the wind from "above", that presses it down, stays stronger. New ideas constantly infiltrate old patterns, but they need to be fed more and more with thoughts of self-empowerment and trust and love and great expectations - and not dropped because of some disappointments.

Forget about what you have learned if it goes like "Don't expect too much, then you won't be disappointed." Always expect the best! How else could you count on experiencing something nice if you don't make it very clear that you want to? Every thought about something that you don't want enforces exactly that.

To let go of the idea "What we think and focus on makes a difference" exactly would support the intentions of the mighty, who already rule: We have to step out of the trap, immediately! They want us to waive our mind's power and our rights or creating ... again. No wonder, that authorities nowadays can grin over the population's will, because that population had written them blank-authorizations over the centuries, saying "Do whatever you want with us, we need you to rule us."

Our thinking was and is an active energetic power, the power, in fact, in the human Cosmos, and the stronger we think and imagine, the clearer and more evident the results will be. But maybe not tomorrow. Not next week. Maybe in three weeks or in some years - depending on the pattern of the "aka"-web and the strength and density of the positive energy that formed since about the beginning of the last century. What about the people in Iraq, the troops, that might die? It may sound hard - but they are, where they have to be, according to their "cosmic personality" and the paths their "Aumakua" figured out for them. We cannot help them by mourning about them ahead of time, as this focus on drama keeps us from focusing on what we want. It is terrible to see people die and loose dear ones (and believe me, I know what I am talking about), but building up that waves includes the understanding, that human beings are systems of energetic processes that can be perceived by other human beings as bodies. That is it (and this is true for many other forms of existence on this planet). We honor our divine nature not by hanging on to painful ideas about death and loss, but by nourishing ideas about the never-ending circles of life and the everlasting change which is life.

Yes, human thinking can and does influence any other form of energy. But how and when you will witness the results is not up to you to determine. You will be bound to your senses and ways of perception due to everything you ever learned throughout times and dimensions as long as you will live.

Let us face it: The old frustrating patterns are still out there. The millions of horrified thoughts and feelings of men in former wars. The feelings and needs, the fear and anger of mistreated women throughout the centuries. The pain of slaves and animals. The ideas of scientist who tried to be "right" with their ideas, putting down other peoples great discoveries. The fear of children finding, that they had to obey and surrender to the beliefs and ideas of the adults, although the kids felt that they knew better themselves ... All that stuff is still manifesting. (Dig out some of your major thoughts of your childhood and teenage years and compare them with what went on in your adult life, you will see ...) Isn't easy to understand, that we better really hold on to our positive focus to neutralize that crap! No, sorry, I am not to say crap, because every human being always acts and thinks in a way that appears to be right at the very moment. Everybody is a product of everything that happened before ... Okay, but nowadays, that we know so much about the power of focus, we already ran out of excuses not to take over our responsibility concerning the creation of our future. Recently a 70 year old friend told me, that she wasn't going to clear up her sick family life, because "The Lord will figure something out for me, he will fix it." Well, recognizing that "God" is a human idea, one has to shiver facing her way of dropping of all self-responsibility ... but you know what? Exactly this millions of people have been doing all over the planet for millenniums! But, you know what else: The absolutely religious Jeanne D'Arc, the "Virgin of Orleans" answered, when she, claiming to be a God-sent savior and leader of the French army, was asked by the King, if what she presented as "messages of God" wasn't just her imagination? "Of course," she replied, "it is my imagination! How else would God talk to us humans than through our imagination?" Horrified because of the cold ignorance of that single man with the small eyes, the baby mouth and the big ears and his war in Iraq? No, sorry. Doesn't count to waive your responsibility on the Earth's development.

"Oki" stuff like that, whenever you hear it (that means, say or think the positive contrary to give out a new order): "Oh now, it did not help anything, all that thoughts about peace and our hopes and peace-marches and thoughts!" Don't help the evil authorities to win again! Exactly that was taught by them over and over again: "Experience our power and feel like sheep that need to be lead!" (I apologize, sheep ...) The true meaning was: "Give up your personal power of influence so that we can use you for our interests."

Americans, face it: YOU are financing the wars with you tax-money, for instance, on the cost of infrastructure, education and health-care that makes sense. You chose to. Now it is about time to choose the right focus, to really gain safety and health.

What do you think, how the idea of peace shall get strengthened if you drop your focus at the first best disappointment? You experience the turn down of your wishes in the Here and Now, but it is still up to you to influence your future.

Let us weaken the power of those up there (who must suffer serious penis-issues, or what, as they are behaving like they have to show attitude to make up for something ...) and let us support the wave of self-empowerment to build up.

Let us stubbornly visualize a peaceful, beautiful planet, where love is all over. Yes, there may be social life that is unknown to us now waiting for us, but, hey, we need not try to figure that out right now (as we can't, due to all that we know and believe to be possible). Let us just choose a symbol for the perfect life here on Earth, for instance, a sunflower, a heart or a shining crystal, the little striped stocking of a baby or a dolphin jumping, a cat purring in the sun or a smile. Let us hold on to it whenever we find ourselves in doubts, fears or worries. It will help us to step out of the trap that evil forces built.

We know, what we want, right?
So let us go for it.

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