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Biodynamic Osteopathy and Healing Shapes
by Margrit Strauss

1. I imagined circles in each of the embryological segments of the vertebras. This helped to line up the spinal column energetically so that it was in balance again. This worked much better than to imagine the healing circles in the zone of the disks.

2. With circles and triangles I followed the already given anatomical shapes of the bones and other structures in the body. This had big balancing healing effects and even more when I added movement to the circles and triangles. For example, in a painful unstable knee joint between the Tibia and Femur I laid a circle like a disk on the Tibia, like a seal in a water tap. This had a better result than to put the circle on the Femur. Then I put a little circle on the Meniscal area each on one side , the same for the medial Meniscus on the other for the lateral Meniscus and added movement. After this the knee went into balance.

3. For a right knee I laid in a big circle, not moving, but to my surprise it went into more disbalance lateral to the right. I added movement to the left and it worked out fine.

In another knee I added squares on the area of the side ligaments and this helped to stabilize it a lot.

Another left knee. needed a square between the joints and outside along the ligament to the first square in a 90 degree angle. So the first square was lying down and the other was standing. This produced good results.

Another right knee in a lady about 55. She likes to cross her legs to the point that her Tibia became anterior. I treated her with Biodynamic Osteopathy and the knee went into a much better position, but stayed unstable, so I added a square and immediately it became stable.

For eyes, to fit the natural bony shapes of the cavity for the eyes I substituted a cone for the triangle and added the circle. This gave a balance for the cavity and the eyes became better.

A man of 70 with Parkinson's disease had a problem in the whole body of not having enough movement, neither energetically nor of the fluids or the bones. The fluid in the brain was cloudy and slow-moving like a fluid with lots of sugar in it. I laid two circles in the area where the substantia nigra should be and sent out a lot of little triangles from there with moving circles in them. This produced clear fluids and more movement.

A young man came for treatment of tension in his neck. He also had poor posture and very little mobility in his rib cage. In the two concave areas of the clavicula, one on the upper side medial and one on the lower side lateral, I laid circles. I put my attention in the circle with the least movement and then all the circles stood still for a moment and then movement in one started and started to move the others like in a mechanism in a watch. For his posture I put a big circle on the inside of the thoracic spine and one on the outside of the lumbar spine. The neck tension released and the posture improved.

For a lady with prolapse I imagined a triangle between the Occiput and the shoulders and immediately the shoulders relaxed!!!! I worked further with two triangles, one between the Occiput/Atlas down to the hips and the other between the Coccyx up to the shoulders. Sometimes they don´t appear regular in form and shape when I first imagine them, so I work in imagination on the triangles to get them in shape and this helps very much.

For a young lady about 37 I gave treatment with one triangle following the shape from the Sacrum to Shoulders and another trangle in front of the corpus vertebrae down. I a gliding square between the stomach and the "angry" liver that made both organs balance and gave her free movement.

A lady of 49 had a problem with the medial Meniscus of her left knee. I worked with Osteopathy and a circle on the Tibia and the imagination that both of us were in a healing circle This helped to balance her legs and pelvis.

A man of 30 had headache and nausea. I started with Osteopathic palpation and one of his Temporal bones was not moving and seemed to be torn I imagined a circle in it and it balanced very well! After the treatment he had still tension left. On a scale 0 to 10 he felt 2 to 3, so we made one round of the Dynamind Technik and the tension was gone completely. He was as surprised and pleased.

I treated a lady of 80 years for a radiating pain that came from the cervical area C6/C7 where she probably had a hernia. Some treatments by others had not helped, and on this day the pain went away during treatment and then came back again. It seemed traction was necessary, but then I imagined circles all over the embryologic segment and immediately the pain was gone and remained gone during the remainder of her visit.

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