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More Results With Healing Shapes
by Margrit Strauss

Here are some more case studies of my work with Healing Shapes. As I am a professional biodynamic osteopath, a lot of technical terms will be included:

1. Patient was a young girl about 12 years old with a big Scoliosis: I Imagined for her as I do often the two big triangles following the anatomical forms, one from the shoulders down to the sacrum and one from the hips up to the Atlas, then the many little circles between the vertebras and then - this was new - where the normal concavities or convexities of the column vertebrae is big in a sagital Axes, big moving circles. This helped wonderfully ;-).

In addition to the basic two triangles and the many little circles, then I had the feeling that the Substantia Nigra was there, but started to be not intact anymore because of antibodies. So where I saw the connection with the antibodies I imagined little moving circles for healing and around the Substantia Nigra and a triangle as I did before to strengthen it.

2. I balanced many people's vertebras with a healing circle, often moving for each vertebra and used the word connect or heal for it. They had somehow been out of midline after the imagination to lay in the healing circle and on saying the key word they lined up in midline very nicely and the result is very obvious as it physically appears in a changed posture that is better, which means vertebras in midline, nice convex and concave curves as there should be, balanced pelvis and shoulder girdle. In all cases it was much better and harmonious than it was before.

3. One time I had to use healing circles like a inverse Y to help the vertebras to stay in line. I used the word "Heal" and to connect this gave more information and carried somehow more light in.

4. In one patient's column vertebra there were the vertebras like dancing and I had to use the rectangle and to say "Stabilize." This worked out fine. The vertebras stabilized and lined up nicely.

5. One lady about fifty is in a state of spasm after a fall years ago on her head where she had broken the occiput. It came to me to use many very little healing circles like bubbles in a sparkling wine with the keyword "Heal" and this brought more micro movements in her tissues and she felt more comfortable after.

6. I treated the right arm of a 24-year-old lady that had a history of being broken and then have been broken several times by doctors to heal into a better position. She had very little movement by bending the wrist up and down and by turning she had pain. I balanced the wrist and forearm with two healing circles, one for the ulna and one for the radius, placed on their distal end where they make the wrist joint with the many other little bones. I added counter-movement to the healing circles and the word "Connect," because they seemed not so well connected. The bones had a bit a extra movement outwards lateral that stopped immediately and connected them better into the wrist and as they needed it. I said in my imagination, "Heal." After the treatment the girl could bend a bit better in both directions but the best was moving her wrist about a longitudinal axes in a horizontal plane she had no more pain.

7. I treated a 57-year-old lady with very little movement in her body after an accident years ago. I felt tension in her upper body and so as it would be not long enough having less space. Some of the vertebras have been out of midline. So I tried to lay them into a rectangle to stabilize and to balance them back into middline, but this did nhot work so well. It then had less movement. I invited along her spine the healing circles that were necessary to bring the spine into middline. I said "Heal." Then I felt less space in her shoulder girdle so I imagined for her a big triangle between her left and right shoulder the base and the top till the vertebra thoracal 12. It helped, but it needed a balance so I imagined for her another triangle with the base between her hips and the top meeting the upper one pointing down. As there was still tension, I layed into the two triangles a healing circle and added some movement. In this case I gave them counter spin. This really balanced the shoulder girdle and it regained its space.

As she had also tension in her occiput that she had fallen on years ago, I imagined a healing circle around the dens axis following the form of the ligamentum alaria and to help the tension in her atlanto-occipital joints to go away I used the anatomical shape following two healing circles, one on the left and one on the right, a bit oval shaped in a 45 degree angle meeting right into the one around the lig. alaria. This helped, but now connection to the cervical spine was a bit missing. And the form that would help now was not easy to find. I tried several variations, for example, a triangle whose base would meet the base of the triangle from the shoulder girdle, but this was like dancing and not fitting, so I tried to imagine it the other direction so the base up on the occiput and the top meeting the vertebra C2 where many important ligaments are for the occiput and propriorezeption, and this worked out fine. For more movement in her total body tissues I imagined for her many very little healing circles like little bubbles from sparkling wine as I described earlier and this gave more freedom into her tissues. And she felt really better after this treatment.

8. I treated the right knee in a ca 65-year-old lady who walked days before a longer distance than she was used to. So the knee was warmer than the other and she had pain in her knee left and right of the patella by walking and even without walking. I tested the movement of the knee, and it was restricted. First, I took an osteopathic hold and the tissues reacted very slow in healing. Then I imagined for her two healing circles between the tibia and the femur following the anatomic shape of the tibia and gave them again a counter spin in the lateral direction of restriction. The process of healing speeded up and about five minutes the knee was free in movement and the heat was gone and she could walk on it quite normally.

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