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How To Heal With Symbols
by Serge Kahili King

There are two kinds of symbols that can be used for healing: those that have a healing effect by themselves; and those that provoke a healing effect by association. We live in a rich field of many different energy frequencies, including gravity, electromagnetism, radio and television, microwaves, light, sound, and many others that are not yet recognized by science. Symbols that produce a healing effect on their own are those that have the quality of condensing and radiating ambient energy (the energy around us) due to their particular shape.

Two basic symbols in particular seem to have the strongest healing effect, based on empirical evidence. One is the circle and the other is the triangle. The fundamental healing effect of a circle comes from its ability to relieve physical tension and encourage the gentle movement of blood, lymph and bioenergy. The fundamental healing effect of a triangle is stimulate the natural functions of cells and organs. We can gain that healing effect by gazing at the symbol, holding it, or wearing it.

Gazing at a simple black circle printed on white paper can induce powerful visual and kinesthetic responses. Typically, the gazer sees motion and then either a hump of energy in the middle or a depression. Sometimes clairvoyant images appear. Kinesthetically, the gazer feels either highly energized or deeply calm or both. Standing or sitting within a circular object, whether a simple hula hoop or a medicine wheel can be a great assist to relaxation and healing.

Placing circular objects like coins or coasters or anything else circular on the body, even temporary or permanent tattoos, can also encourage healing effects. Variations on the circle include concentric circles, spirals and circular labyrinths. In addition to the energy concentration of their own, these seem to have the effect of amplifying the natural healing effects of the simple circle., even when they are printed, engraved or stamped on a circular object.

Triangles can be very energizing to gaze at, whether in printed form or made from three linear objects, such as sticks or pens. Like circles, they can be stood in or sat in to stimulate healing reactions. Printed, engraved or stamped on circular objects they amplify and modify the circular energy for a healing effect that combines relaxation and energizing. Variations of the triangle include superimposing one triangle on top of another in a six-pointed pattern called the "Star of David." Although used as religious symbol, it also has good energetic properties. Another variation is "Solomon's Seal," a pattern of interlaced rather than overlapped triangles thought to have powerful magical properties by some.

Tibetan mandalas--patterns intended to be used for meditation and healing--make abundant use of circles, superimposed triangles like the Star of David, and connected triangles.

Symbols that work by association can take any form at all: geometrical, abstract, plant, animal, humanoid and any other. "By association" means that the sight of the symbol initiates a mental, emotional or physical response based on a meaning that has been learned somehow. Their effectiveness depends on the strength of the response.

For instance, in some cultures a drawing or painting of a particular type of flower might evoke expectations of health and happiness; a particular type of bird might stimulate emotional release; a running avatar (a three-dimensional, moving human-like virtual world symbol of a living person) might induce physical reactions related to running on the part of the viewer.

We are surrounded by energy that can be used for healing. Symbols can tap into that energy or evoke energetic reactions within us. The effective use of symbols can be a very powerful addition to our healing resources.

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