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Thirteen Questions
by Serge Kahili King

Some time ago I was asked to fill out an interview questionnaire based on thirteen questions, but I don't remember whether it was ever published. The website of the organization sponsoring the interview is now devoted to something else, so I thought it might be interesting to the visitors of this site if they could read my answers to those questions.

1. What is the greatest dream in your life?
The greatest dream in my life is for everyone on Earth to be able to access their own power, to understand how to love each other, and to know the benefits of using both of these together.

2. What does true happiness in life mean?
True happiness comes from being able to experience happiness as a conscious choice.

3. What is the most valuable thing that one cannot buy and why?
One cannot buy health, because it has to come from within. Not all the best medicines or treatments or doctors or shamans or psychics can make one healthy if one's body and mind do not respond to them.

4. What are your 3 most important tips for enduring health?
Bless the present, trust yourself, and expect the best.

5. What do you believe is the meaning of life?
Human life, like any life, simply exists. It is we ourselves who apply meaning to it ... or not.

6. If you knew that the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?
I believe that a hypothetical question deserves a hypothetical answer, so no matter how I respond to a question like this my answer would be pure fantasy. Therefore, I might as well say I would try my best to finish my current computer game.

7. What are in your opinion the 3 biggest mistakes that one can make in life?
In every moment we are always doing the best we can in that moment, given our current beliefs, desires, fears, expectations and state of mind and body. A "mistake" simply means that we didn't get the results we wanted from whatever we did. In other words, our plan didn't work. Rather than dwell on "mistakes" it would be better to make a new plan.

8. Where do you find comfort during difficult times?
In Nature. In times of high crisis or stress, when I'm not directly involved in healing it, my mind, body and spirit get relaxed and recharged by walking alone in natural surroundings, whether along a beach, across fields, or through woods. It is not just the distraction from the troubles that helps. I actually get insights and inspirations from stones, trees, and flowers that help me solve my problems.

9. If you had three wishes to fundamentally change things on earth, what would you wish?
I would wish that human beings could fly, that they could teleport, and that they would never experience fear.

10. What can an individual person do to promote a peaceful society?
Be peaceful. Outer peace has to begin with inner peace. Violence is committed, and/or directed, by insecure and fearful people who believe that the only way to bring about peace is to force others to do what they want them to do. This kind of behavior never has and never will result in any kind of peace. Achieving peace requires peaceful means carried out by peaceful people.

11. Assuming you meet somebody who knew the absolute truth to every question, what 3 questions would you ask?
I would not ask any questions because there is no such thing as absolute truth in an infinite universe.

12. Which book (or books) have impressed you personally and why?
The Bible, because it is such a rich source of inspiration and ideas; the Seth books, because they are a treasure trove of excellent techniques for self development; the works of Odgen Nash, because I love his quirky humor; and practically any book of science fiction or fantasy because they stimulate my own imagination.

13. What would be your most important piece of advice for people who are searching for a fulfilling life?
Be a healer. It doesn't matter what kind of healer, as long as you remember that in helping others to heal themselves you are healing yourself, and in healing yourself you are preparing to be a better healer for others. The art of healing can help you develop all the other qualities you may wish for, and it helps to expand your spirit to a far greater extent than anything you might accomplish by only going within.

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