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Time Casting
by Jim Fallon

Here are some methods for the timing of events when casting the Shaman Stones. For directions on how to cast the stones, see Dr. King's book or video, URBAN SHAMAN, or go to the HUNA STORE under Shaman Resources for a set of Shaman Stones for casting.

Method one
This method uses the Kumu, or answer stone as a timing stone. The closer the answer stone is to the stone(s) involved in the answer, the more in the present the event will occur. The further away the answer stone is from the stone(s) involving the answer, the more in the distant future the event will occur. One could set up distances by measurement, such as if the answer stone is less than or equal to 2 inches away, the event will occur in the present. 2 to 4 inches away, the event will occur in the imediate future, and greater than six inches away, the distant future. You could also assign time periods to these distances of days, weeks, and months.

Method two
Use a physical or mental image of the Eye of Kanaloa symbol as a casting diagram for the area the stone cast falls into. Again, using the Kumu or answer stone, note where the answer stone falls onto the Eye of Kanola symbol. If the answer stone falls in the center of the Eye of Kanola, where the seven pointed star is, this would indicate days. Going clockwise around this seven pointed star, the top right point would be one day, the next point would be two days, the following point would be three days and so on.

Note the Eye of Kanola is divided into eight sections, into three outer circles. If the answer stone falls in the first circle around and outside of the star, that would indicate weeks. The number of weeks would be given by using the eight sections of the circle, starting at the top right going clockwise as one week, the next division would be two weeks, the nerxt three weeks and so on. If it falls in the second divided circle, that would indicate months, and finally the most outer circle would indicate years. These categories call all be changed by using your own intutition.

Method three
This method involves the yes/no method. Either before the cast or after, use the stones for the yes/no casting. With your intent, ask "will the events occur in this casting occur X? where X is the time period you ask for. For example, "Will the events in this casting occur in less than two weeks?" If yes, you have your time frame. If no, ask another question and change the time period.

Remember that we live in a Quantum world, where there is no time, a world where matter may exist and not exist at the same time, where our perception of all these phenomena can bring them into existence, or change them. Divination realizes that the events "foreseen" are not fixed and have the potential to change. This is due to what is known in quantum physics as "quantum entanglement" or "the observer effect". The very fact that you are performing a measurment, or casting, causes the multiple possible outcomes and possibilities of an event to manifest.

What this really means is that the answers you get from this kind of casting consist of possibilities and probabilities all relative to your state of mind when you cast. Casting, then, can be a guideline to existing probabilities or a tool for manifesting possibilities.

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