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Vibratory Healing
by Jim Fallon

The process I am about to describe involves a rapid vibration of the hands while performing "Stone Kahi" as described by Serge Kahili King in his book Instant Healing and in his video "Huna To The Rescue." To summarize, "Stone Kahi" consists of placing two or more fingertips of one hand on a "Power Center" of a client's body, and doing the same with the other hand on a part of the body in need of healing or stress relief. At the same time, the practitioner is doing pikopiko, that is, inhaling with attention on one point and exhaling with attention on the other point. Most usually, the inhale is done while attention is on the "Power Center" and the exhale while attention is on the other point, but this can be reversed if it helps make the process more effective. As for the "Power Centers," in the technique of Kahi Loa these are primarily the joints of the body, the seventh cervical vertebra, and the coccyx.

Kahi means "the flow" (Energy flows where attention goes) or oneness, bringing two things together, or a very light touch of the hands.

This definition of oneness is important. We are bringing two points of observation together or connecting them with our attention, and by observation and attention, collapsing these "quantum waves" of possibility, and by joining them or connecting them together by shifting the attention, a new quantum possibility is brought forth, this one manifesting with the desired intention.

By repeatedly shifting the attention back and forth between the hands, a "wave" is created. This wave is energy moving, which relieves tension and allows the body's natural healing mechanism to start.

The principle of vibrating the hands while performing Kahi, inhaling and focusing the attention on one hand, and exhaling and focusing the attention on the other, seems to polarize and charge the red blood cells; in turn this polarizes the hands of the healer.

The power of intention combines with bio-energetic potential to manifest as force. The vibration of the hands, with the fingertips applying a light touch to the area, means lightly shaking the hands over the area as fast as you can vibrate, or shake the hands, with bursts of motion. This shaking or vibrating of the hands seems to be within the frequency range of 1 to 3 Hz. In experiments with vibration sensors and frequency counters, this movement of the hands was measured to be in the range of 1 to 3 Hz, or cycles per second. 3HZ is the upper delta level frequency of mind, where natural healing takes place, normally during sleep. The vibration also helps stimulate the healing mechanism within the body during this natural Delta healing period.

The person performing Stone Kahi with vibration can also use a statement as is done in Dynamind. The statement used is: "This is all I need to do to correct the cause of the problem that's here" (while holding one of the vibrating or shaking hands over the afflicted area, and the other over a Power Center). The shaking or vibrating fingers gently touch the skin and vibrate it, thus amplifying the desired healing effect.

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