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Vibratory Situation Healing
by Jim Fallon

This is an expansion to the article "Vibratory Healing"

All situations that manifest into your life are manifested onto this plane of existence through one of the power centers.

Each power center contains a certain percentage of your total consciousness. The Stone Kahi technique described in Serge Kahili King's book, Instant Healing, can also be used to heal situations as well as physical illness. Think of the power center as a valve. It is malfunctioning if either the valve is too open or too closed off. For example, if the chest power center is closed off, then you have no "consciousness of love," even if others around you are loving, you feel unloved. If too open, you feel that eveyone loves you. Both these conditions are in a state of unbalance, which will cause situational issues, and require balancing.

In my previous article on "Vibratory Healing," it was stated "We are bringing two points of observation together or connecting them with our attention, and by observation and attention, collapsing these 'quantum waves' of possibility, and by joining them or connecting them together by shifting the attention, a new quantum possibility is brought forth, this one manifesting with the desired intention."

By repeatedly shifting the attention back and forth between the hands, a "wave" is created. This wave is energy moving, which acts like turning on or off the electromagnetic switch of the afflicted power center. which relieves tension and allows the body's natural healing mechanism to start.

The power of intention combines with bio-energetic potential to manifest as force, which can neutralize or activate the desired intention to manifest through the specific power center. Mental Kahi can also be used to perform the desired balancing.

First, let's assign some life meanings to the power centers.
The forehead: pleasures, joys, entertainments, amusements, babies, creativity, lovers.
Seventh cervical vertebra: home environment, end of cycles.
The coccyx: Government, authoritarian figures, beginning of things, career, foundations, bosses.
Left shoulder: communications, every day consciousness or mind state, short journeys, siblings.
Right shoulder: sickness, job, services.
Chest: your spirit, enemies, contestants, spouse, relationships, your money.
Navel: the body, view of life, personality, the money of others, legal issues.
Left hip: self healing, self undoing, self help, confinement.
Right hip: higher learning, philosophy, hopes, goals, dreams, law.

Let's say Ms X is having a problem with confusion. This is the left shoulder, everyday mind. The Kahi technique would be done as this center needs healing. One hand on this center, the other hand either on another power center, or the other hand just pointing to the ground, as in Root Kahi.

Example 2, Mr. X is having a problem finding a job. This is the right shoulder, and Kahi should be performed between this power center and another.

Example 3, Mrs. X is having a problem having a baby. This is the forehead. Kahi should be performed between this center and another.

Example 4, Mr. X is having a issue selling enough items to make a certain level of money. This is the navel, the money of others. Perform Kahi between this center an another. It is best to use another center that is "further away" form the object center as possible, as this sets up a stronger wave of manifestation.Your intention will bring about the proper situation to either be neutralized or activated.

Example 5, Mr.X has a legal problem. This is the navel area. Kahi is done from this power center to another.

Example 6, Mrs. X is going on a job interview. This is the coccyx, or base of spine power center. Kahi could be done on this center to either another center, or to the root, or ground, to "tweek" the field of where the interview will take place.

Example 7, Mr. X is having problems with co workers. This is the chest power center, enemies, contestants. He does mental kahi between this center and, say, the forehead center.

With the above guidelines you should be able to come up with your own Vibratory Situation Healing solutions to any problem.

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