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Time Warp Revisited
by Jim Brinkley

Every so often, a pupil will disagree with The Master. In my experience, The Master usually proves to be correct but this time . . . well, let's see what you think! Last month Serge (The Master) wrote an article called Time Warp. In order to understand the point I shall try to make here, it will be very helpful if you read (or re-read) his article (still available here in the Teaching Hut) before you continue.


Welcome back! As a young boy I lived in the suburbs outside a large city. We had a nice home, a big backyard, a large state park almost next door, and beautiful woods, trees, and truck farms all around us. I had a bicycle to ride, a great set of electric trains, and friends with whom to play. Yet I almost continually experienced a great deal of stress. Much of it was internal stress, due to the very mixed messages of love and disappointment I received from my parents and other adults on a daily basis. But much of the stress was caused by external circumstance. I had many more chores to do than did my peers and I resented them because I saw them as punishment for my failure to perform up to my parentsí expectations. I did very well in school but hated it because I was usually very bored. So, I slept a lot in class, talked a lot in class, and basically made a nuisance of myself. The teachers solved this by separating me from the class and giving me advanced reading to do but that only stressed me more by alienating me from the other kids and further lowering my self-esteem. My self-confidence was so low that I was afraid to interact with the other kids or with the teachers. I began to suffer from severe allergies which at the time seemed to be a curse visited upon me from the outside but which I later learned were a defense mechanism I myself manifested in order to avoid the interactions I so feared. This stress was compounded by the very real threat of nuclear holocaust with which we all lived at that time. Even people who weren't building bomb shelters in their backyards were reading about how to do it in Popular Science.

As a teenager I learned to play the drums and began to earn money playing in various bands on the weekends. I continued to do well in school without putting forth any effort but it was still very stressful because I saw myself as (socially) inferior to my peers and I was exceedingly shy around them. College was stressful because I was worried about getting into medical school and because my self-esteem and self-confidence continued to sink. Medical school and internship were stressful because of their very nature. There was never enough time to do and learn all the things assigned to me. I recall often feeling overwhelmed by life itself. Those were tough times physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, in spite of the fact that I always had teachers to whom to turn for advice and assistance.

During my military service, my residency, and my fellowship my self-confidence and self-esteem began to slowly improve. I was doing the things I enjoyed, I made some friends, acquired a lover or two, and saw real progress in my life. My stress level began to slowly decline but I still occasionally felt overwhelmed and I often had a difficult time dealing with any change. I always worried about what was to come next. This continued through the seventies and eighties and even into the nineties.

Yet now in the new millenium, even though I have more responsibility than ever, I feel much less stressed. Twenty years ago, I saw about ten patients a day, ten years ago it was thirty, and now it's fifty! I am also the senior partner and administrator of our practice. I am responsible for business decisions, employee satisfaction, financial affairs, as well as patient care. Each day I am asked to solve a myriad of problems ranging from two employees wanting vacation at the same time, to a piece of equipment that won't work, to a difficult diagnostic challenge. Yet I have more time for me and I feel less stress than ever before!

So what is different now? Is the earth passing through some kind of Cosmic Energy Field that is slowing my frequency? Or are terrorism, school shootings, and third world poverty having a positive effect on me? This is worth thinking about because I find myself playing more and more and working less and less!

The fact is that there have always been choices and there has always been stress. Each generation has had its own choices and its own stresses. Life today may be harder because we are made more aware of things like random violence but it is also easier because of all that our technology does for us. Ultimately, it is not what is going on around us but HOW WE DECIDE TO PERCEIVE what is going on around us that determines our level of stress.

Since the beginning of the nineties my Huna skills have increased astonishingly. I have manifested more while working less and I have also developed that elusive entity which is both skill and commodity, faith! So while it is true that I have more choices, I also have more time to pursue those choices. It is not the choices or a lack of time that cause stress. It is the way one looks at the world that causes stress. If one sees the world as a friendly place, filled with living beings all eager for harmony and cooperation, and if one remains aware of the love and assistance always available from a higher power, then it is easy to KNOW that one will always make the best choice at any given moment. If circumstances change so that the current choice is no longer the most effective, each of us has the power to make a new choice at every moment.

I think that the sense of time speeding up that so many other people seem to feel has to do more with their lack of confidence in making choices than with the number of choices available. In my dadís youth, he and his family worked on the farm twelve hours a day, six and a half days a week. He had very few choices but still no personal time and lots of stress. There was rarely enough to eat, he faced illness in his family on a continual basis (seven of his fifteen siblings died before reaching adulthood), and there was lots of family strife. In fact, at the age of sixteen my dad simply walked away from it all, lied about his age, and joined the Navy!

Time has neither speeded nor slowed and there has always been stress. So, what ís the solution? Well, here is why The Master is The Master, after all! Choose consciously and willingly, as Serge instructs. How do you do that? Develop your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and your faith in the loving power of the universe that is always ready and willing to assist you. How do you do that? Ah, that ís what Huna and Aloha International are all about! Hang around with us and we shall show you!

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