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Welcome Home To The Land Of Mu
by Lois Stokes

How many times have I walked this beach? Watched the waves as they broke and reached the shore...Felt the wind as it blew salt upon my face... Smelled the sea air hinting of the fish below... Buried my feet at the ocean's edge and feeling the cool water wash upon me...Watched the sunrise and sunset from my favorite tree perch... Enjoyed the company of fish and birds... Felt the shells and stones and sand beneath my feet as I walked along the shore... Enjoyed the thick sweet blanket of tropical air... How many times have I breathed in and out...How many times?

How many times and yet so blinded I have been. I did not see the map that they left for me to find. I was so lost within myself that I did not hear them speak to me. Yet some part of me was aware enough to feel their presence. I knew that I was home. How many times have I walked this beach?

It was no accident that I arrived on this beautiful garden island. Consciously it was just a vacation trip. A time to rest and relax in a tropical island paradise. Little did I know that It was the beginning of a journey, a journey to the point of no time. To the place where the sun stands still above your head. A journey that I walked before but had forgotten. A journey home.

Legends speak of the lost continent of Mu. Inhabited by people who came from the stars known as the Pleiades. A place of peace and tranquility. Kauai Island, the geologically oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands, is believed by some to be a remnant of this magical garden paradise. How many times have I heard the song of these people? How many times have I heard their whispers of aloha?

The hidden knowledge of these people is said to be encoded and stored in crystals before the land fell beneath the sea. Two crystals found on Kauai Island are Calcite and Olivine. Calcite waterborn from the rainwater filtered through sand, limestone, shells and corals; and Olivine born of the volcanic fires of Pele.

How many times have I walked this beach? I did not see them even though they were plain to see. I now listen to what these crystals have to say. They are alive, aware and responsive. They return me to the Land of Mu.

Calcite - helps to remember information gathered through dreams, channeling and astral travel. Olivine - is a visionary stone that aids in the quest for spiritual enlightenment and the recovery of that which has been hidden, forgotten or lost.

I joined the shaman circle, healers, prophets, priests and seers. I take the journey above, below, within... returning to the land of Mu.

I find the Legend of Mu alive in my dreams. All I have are the whispers of this lost culture. Lost beneath the sea. But not lost in myth and metaphor. Welcome home they say to me.

The tides of time are turning as I sit sifting sand upon the shore. In meditation I sit listening to each tiny crystal. One by one I drop each crystal into a vial. Enlightened by their stories I share their healing.

It is no accident that I came to this island going blind. With me I brought books on tape for I could no longer see. It is no accident that I found the Huna teachings in form that I could hear. It is no accident that I was attracted by string figure patterns and crystals in the sand. How many times have I heard that there are no accidents? How many times have I heard that Everything Is Working Out Perfectly? How many times?

Sometimes it takes time for stories to unfold
Watch and listen I am told
Be Aware and you will realize
We are connected in this Web of Life
Focus and you will see
What in your present moment is to be
Loving spirit helps you hear
The inside story found within this magical land of Mu

Welcome Home
p.s. Don't stay away so long. Please return.

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