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What Next?
by Astrid Mohr-Kiehn

Events in many countries and many parts of the world currently are very surprising, difficult and frightening for many people on many levels. Some people are upset, some are shocked, some are confused while watching what is happening in so many areas of life: from politics to earthquakes, from climate change to personal issues.We all know it, and it is true for all dimensions of our experience: life comes in ups and downs, just like a wave.When developments within ourselves or in the outside world are going the way we want ("up"), we like to delude ourselves that from now on we will keep going up, there is nowhere to go but "up".

However, invariably, the upward curve will flatten at some point and reverse and may even proceed in a downward trend. Finding ourselves at the point of flattening or going down, we have to be careful not to make ourselves believe that from now on we are going down forever. It is easy to let negative thinking prevail, give up our hopes and goals--and despair. This is a good recipe for making sure that things will keep going downhill. It may sometimes feel like that. Instead, this is a perfect opportunity calling for our resolve, directed intention and focus. More than ever, this is the moment to remember and employ the Seven Principles of Huna and take back the steering wheel in your own hands, to readjust the sails.

As you probably know, the first principle of Huna says "The world is what you think it is". So, wherever you are on your current wave, check back with what you are habitually thinking and expecting. Be attentive of the chatter of your mind. It might be a good idea to deliberately look for the gems in your personal environment, also called "seeing the good". I am not talking about ignoring the facts. What I mean is, while recognizing the facts, you can also appreciate the big or little things that are or can be a source of joy, optimism, or action. Take a deliberate decision to change your thinking in a way that serves your goals better.

As "Energy flows where attention goes" (third principle), focusing on the good will help you acquire a different frame of mind. The energy of most people go where the most and loudest ruckus is. The earthquake, the floods, loudest voice, the insults, the blaming, the violence, the nasty surprises. You are the one who can change where your energy flows by choosing where your attention goes.

The third principle teaches us, together with the first one and the sixth one (All power comes from within) that we can change the world. And we always start with ourselves. We can use our own power to set our focus, thinking and action on those things that we want to see grow in the world. In spite of those conditions that we cannot change. If you are like me, most of your actions tend to be small. Your action might be planting a garden, thinking a positive thought, helping a neighbor in need, starting a local political movement or cleaning up local environmental pollution. Choose something you are passionate about. Every little step changes the world for the better. Together with the many small actions of many like-minded people, this can get very big.

"Now is the moment of power", the fourth principle, suggests not to dwell on things that happened in the past or anything that might happen in the future. Now is exactly when you start the action. There is no other time than now.When you also add the enthusiasm, love and excitement of the fifth principle (To love is to be happy with) and the fact that there are no set limits to anything, you can get very far with whatever you want to create.

As you know, the second principle (There are no limits) states that only those limits apply that we accept as a limit. Limits can be useful for us to give structure to our world, but we can shift them or go beyond them when they are not useful anymore. That does not necessarily mean we will change the "objective" world, what we usually call reality, in a short time. We can change our relationship to it in a split second, though. In the long run--given enough thinking, energy, focus, power/influence, love, people and overcoming of limits--we can even ultimately make the whole world a better place.

In the meantime we can use these principles in our own lives to make our experiences better, more harmonious, more creative, more growth-oriented. Find out for yourself how effective you can be with this strategy. Regardless of whether you are in the "up" phase or in the "down" phase of your current wave of life.

"Dont wait for the perfect moment... just take it and make it perfect." (Unknown author)

Astrid Mohr-Kiehn is a translator, author and photographer and an Alaka'i of Huna International. She offers Huna and Lomi Lomi workshops in Germany and beyond. Her website is:

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