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The World Is Really What You Think It Is
by Serge Kahili King

For the ancient Hawaiians the world was a place of wonder and magic, of danger and delight where everything was alive, aware, and responsive. The forces of Nature were given names and stories and relationships to make them easier to understand and deal with.

When the Europeans and Americans arrived they brought with them their own view of the world with their own names and stories about Nature and everything else. Naturally, the two systems of thought didn't match up very well and they still don't.

Some years ago I went to a lecture on the geology of the islands by a Hawaiian geologist and after describing how the islands were formed from volcanoes he said "That was the Western legend. Now let me tell you how it really happened," and he proceeded to tell us how Wakea, Sky Father, and Papa, Earth Mother, mated and she gave birth to the islands.

In the West African nation of Senegal the French tried for 300 years to turn the Senegalese into black Frenchmen. The Senegalese president at the time I was there even had a white French wife. But a few miles outside the capital, no one in the villages spoke French in spite of all that effort.

My point is that it can be very hard to change a worldview unless you really, really want to. If you really, really want to, though, it can be really easy. But why would you want to?

Your own worldview is not just how you think about big things like Religion, Politics, the Economy, and World Peace. It's also how you think about your mind, your body, your health, healing practices, relationships, money and work, weather, self worth, and everything else in your life.

Sometimes it's really, really useful to change how you think about those things in order to change what you want to change. All I want to do here is to give you one technique for changing your thinking that can change your life.

Let's try an experiment:

1. Take a deep breath and relax where you are.
2. Keeping your body straight, now turn your head to the right as far as you can and note what you can see at the end of the turn.
3. Bring your head back to the front.
4. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are an owl and that makes it easy to move your head all the way around to face backwards if you want to. Keep facing forward and just imagine your head turning around like that.
5. Open your eyes and actually turn your head to the right as far as you can.
6. How many could see farther than before?

If you could see farther, note that all you did was to imagine that you could do something you couldn't do before and a real physical change took place. If you didn't experience a change, all you need to do is practice some more vivid imagination and it will happen.

However, the point is not that you can turn your head farther. The point is that you can use your imagination or conscious dreaming to create an experience that is different from the one you are used to, and both your emotions and your body will try to follow your imagination if you let them. And this can have very beneficial and practical effects on how you relate to health, wealth, happiness, and success.

If your blood pressure is too high or you are too anxious, you can imagine that you are sitting on a riverbank watching the water slowly move by and seeing puffy white clouds in the blue sky and both your mind and your body will calm down. (I have used this many times for stress and anxiety)

If you go into an expensive store and imagine that you have enough money to buy anything you want, even the whole store if you wanted to, this will help get rid of any fears of lack and make it easier to think about money and find ways to make more. (I used this when I wanted to increase my level of prosperity)

If you imagine a whole lot of people complimenting you or clapping when you arrive somewhere this will help you feel better about yourself and help other people feel better around you, especially if you imagine thanking them, also. (This helped me when I began speaking in public)

If there is a talent or skill that you want to develop, watch people who do it well, either live or on tv or video, and imagine that you are them doing it well. This will help you get over any fears or doubts about it and also help you learn faster. (I used this to learn how to ski when I was in my forties)

As Gloria Steinem said, "Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning."

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