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The Body of God, by Serge Kahili King
by Serge Kahili King

Aka as a Hawaiian word that refers to the essence of matter, or what might be called "divine substance." It is related linguistically and conceptually to the Sanskrit akasia and can be compared in some ways to "astral matter" or "etheric matter."

Esoterically, aka serves two main functions. One is to take on form in response to thoughts. In other words, the idea is that thoughts give form to the aka. The weaker the thought, the less substantial the form; the more intense the thought (i.e., the more energy that accompanies it), the more substantial the form. The second function is to act as a perfect medium for the transmission of energy.

In the case of aka threads, the idea is that whenever you think of a person, place, or object, you send out a line of force through the omnipresent aka, a portion of which forms itself into what can be called an aka thread. Through this thread you can then send or receive ideas and/or emotional-psychic energy, and information from any of the senses.

A further concept along this line is that whatever you come into contact with through any of the senses results in the automatic creation of a "sticky" aka thread that serves as a continuous link between you which is activated by thought and which makes future contact easier. The people, places, and objects with which you have the most contact produce a multitude of threads, which serves to explain why mental contact is easier with them.

However, the above is a simplistic and pragmatic teaching which serves the needs of non-technological people. If you apply it as a hypothesis it will work, and that is what the practical kahunas are mainly interested in. But there is a more refined approach used by some present-day kahunas in regard to the psychic links between persons, places, and objects.

This approach, which also has its basis in the Huna code, teaches that the aka essence of every physical thing acts like a radio/television transceiver. It radiates or broadcasts its own unique frequency or energy pattern and receives and retains impressions from other patterns radiating toward it. When you pick up a rock, for instance, the aka field of the rock retains an impression of your energy pattern and your aka field retains an impression of the rock's pattern.

Thereafter, no matter where you are, when you think of that rock it is like tuning in to a unique radio/tv signal and establishing a resonant link with it. If you concentrate your thoughts on that rock, it is then like beaming a specific signal of your own, or "sending out an aka thread."

The more energy associated with such contacts, the stronger the impressions received or the signals beamed. The strength of the impression depends on: (1) the nature of the contact (physical touch leaves a more energetic impression than mere proximity); (2) the frequency of contact (a high number of contacts leaves a stronger impression); and (3) the amount of emotional energy present during the contact (handling the rock while in a highly emotional state would result in a stronger impression). Thus, in picking up objects handled by others, the first and most powerful impressions received would be those which had been impressed with the most energy. Similar principles apply in beaming thoughts outward.

Aka can be treated scientifically, but it is important to remember its spiritual nature. I have said elsewhere that "we are the fingers of God sensing His creation." That part of His creation which most concerns us now is the physical universe, which is formed from aka. If we are His fingers, then know and respect the fact that aka and the physical world of our senses is the body of God.

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