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Complementary Healing III: Synergism
by Jim Brinkley

Synergism is a frequently used term in medicine. When two drugs (or other treatments) are synergistic, they not only work together but their combined effect is actually greater than the effect one would predict from the sum of their individual effects. In some way, they each enhance the power of the other. The same is true when modern western physical healing is combined with other traditional healing techniques, such as those of Huna as taught by Aloha International.

A corollary to the third principle of Huna in the Kahili tradition states that everything is energy. If everything is energy, then every new thing begins with energy. It is consciousness that molds the energy into experience. As the first principle ("The world is what you think it is.") shows us, everything exists in thought before it exists in physical reality. Those thoughts that are most focused (concentrated), most persistent (repetitive), and most emotional, as well as those reinforced with language, images, and posture are those most likely to become manifested physically.

One can usually assume then that things that are very impressive physically took a great deal of thought to create. In theory, a master shaman, or in some cases almost anyone, can create (or destroy) an impressive physical reality with a single thought. In actuality, very few minds have learned to do this. These ideas apply to health and disease just as they do to other aspects of our experience.

Dis-ease is a result of tension, which is a resistance to stress. Stress is a normal part of living, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual stress. However, stress normally alternates with relaxation. If this cycle is interrupted by resistance, tension and eventually dis-ease may result. Resistance is almost always due to fear or anger, or a variation on one of them, such as uncertainty, doubt, resentment, or guilt.

The resistance to stress is controlled by our subconscious mind (ku). If our subconscious thinking is aligned (in tune) with our conscious thinking, incredible physical manifestations will result. These will be either positive or negative, depending on the nature of the aligned thoughts. We get what we think about. If we get dis-ease, it is because our subconscious is trying to alert us to resistance and to the underlying cause of it. If we ignore the message, our subconscious will continue to repeat it, ever more forcefully.

If one has a relatively mild dis-ease, such as a stomach cramp, one can assume that not a great deal of thought was required to create it. Therefore, not a great deal of thought will be required to resolve it. A simple technique such as piko-piko or kahi will usually do the trick. (For those of you unfamiliar with these, they are taught, along with many other shamanic healing techniques, at the various courses listed on the "Workshops" page of this web site.) If we fail to act to relieve the resistance at this point, our subconscious will continue to resist and to send us stronger messages.

A more serious dis-ease, such as the stomach (intestinal) flu, may result from this more concentrated, prolonged, emotional and/or reinforced thinking. Usually, more concentrated, more prolonged, more emotional, and/ or more reinforced thought will be required to restore ease (health). More advanced shamanic healing techniques will be required. However, for someone new to them, these techniques may be difficult to apply during periods of discomfort. In addition, a person inexperienced in their use may not have enough confidence to produce the desired results. Recall the sixth principle, "All power comes from within" and its corollary, "When you have the confidence, you have the skill."

At this point, it might be wise to employ some physical healing methods as well. A Kahuna lapa'au (physical or herbal healer) or the modern day equivalent, a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) may be able to supply a medication that will help. As the medication acts on the body, it will impress the subconscious and enable it to stop resisting and allow the body to heal itself. By the way, you might be surprised to hear that the University of Hawaii School of Medicine designates its graduates as both Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Kahuna lapa'au!

If the resistance is not relieved at this level, the subconscious will continue its thought process and eventually, a more serious ailment (e.g., gastric ulcer or even cancer) may result. Even these may be healed purely by thought but still fewer people will have the requisite self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and freedom from fear and anger to manifest a healing in this way. One of the Alakai (spiritual guides) of Aloha International in fact did cure herself of a serious chronic disease using the Huna thought techniques. Until you reach her level of skill and confidence, however, you may need to consider a combination of healing skills. At this point, an even more impressive physical healing (like surgery) may be required to impress upon the subconscious the need for and the freedom to change its thought patterns and to eliminate the resistance.

In other words, strong physical manifestations, even though first created in thought, often require strong physical techniques to remove them. A single thought can do it, if that thought is generated with the power of someone with an extremely high level of awareness, freedom, focus, persistence, love, confidence, and wisdom. For most of us however, it is easier to destroy an old building with a little dynamite than with a thought picture of a new park. We could choose to fly to KauaI by changing into a cloud but most of us will find it easier to take a plane!

The seventh principle ("Effectiveness is the measure of truth) teaches us to use what works. All quality healers begin with the least invasive and least dangerous healing methods first, whether they be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or a combination. So when dis-ease arises, try whatever method(s) with which you are most comfortable. If they fail to produce the desired result to the desired extent, consider adding other methods. Don't be afraid to work on all four levels at the same time. Healing methods in the realities of separation (physical), connection (emotional), reflection (mental) and holistic (spiritual) are synergistic. They not only work together but their resultant effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

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