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"Pyramid Memories" by Serge Kahili King
by Serge Kahili King

I was rummaging through a storage shed recently and came across my pyramid collection from the seventies, and what a rush of great memories that gave me.

The seventies and early eighties were a time of immense, world-wide interest in everything having to do with the occult, supernatural, the paranormal, the psychic and weird energies. It's really hard to explain today just how wild those times were. Every bookstore had large sections devoted to this stuff. Huge expositions devoted to all of it had hundreds of booths and attracted twenty thousand or more people on a single weekend. Newspapers like the Los Angeles Times put out regular special inserts on the predictions of famous psychics. The military was conducting tests of astral travel. Old records and books were scoured for what they could reveal. And experiments of all kinds were taking place everywhere. A really large number of people were fascinated with something usually called "subtle" energy, a form of energy undetectable by scientific instruments, yet one that still produced measurable results on physical matter.

I was really into experimenting with subtle energy at the time, especially with what was called "pyramid energy," along with a lot of other people. The craze for anything having to do with pyramids was awesome. Ads for hundreds of different kinds and uses of pyramids appeared all over. I wrote articles for magazines and published a paperback, Pyramid Energy Handbook. My wife and I slept under a pyramid over a waterbed for eleven years and we slept wonderfully, but friends staying over couldn't sleep there. I even opened a bookstore that featured pyramids. On one memorable occasion, a man came in the store, looked at a six-foot frame pyramid I had on display and said, "Is that from the devil?" I said, "No, it's eight pieces of copper pipe from the home improvement store down the street." He just nodded and said no more.

Pyramid energy was based on the ancient idea that the pyramids of Egypt, particularly the giant pyramids on the Giza Plateau attributed to the pharoahs Kephren and Khufu, were designed specifically for their energy effects. Some people decided to make miniature pyramids to see if they could observe any effects. And they did.

At first the pyramids were solid. Then someone made what might be called a pyramid "shell," that was hollow inside, and that worked. Then someone made holes in the side to observe experiments, and that worked. Then someone decided to see how big they could make the holes and wound up with pyramid frameworks. And that worked. In one of my experiments I had people create thoughtform pyramids. And that worked.

"And that worked." What does that mean? Here is a short list of some of the effects.

On humans: stimulating of body functions; relaxation; easing of pain; healing of wounds and other disorders; enhancing meditation practices; stimulating ideas.

On animals: same as above (except that I can't speak for meditation effects). When I would set up a six-foot pyramid framework in a park, children and dogs would come to rest in it.

On plants: stimulation or diminishing or growth, depending on the plant.

On food: dehydration, enhanced flavor; prevention or reduction of bacteria; removal of bitterness from coffee or tea; rapid aging of wine (smoother taste); energizing effect on water (indoor plants given "pyramidized" water had greener leaves and stronger root growth); rapid reduction of carbonation (don't put your beer under a pyramid).

My experiments with pyramids led me to experiments with lots of other subtle energy sources and convinced me that the subtle energy is ambient (all around us), and there are many ways to concentrate it.

Curiously, all this hoopla faded away in the late seventies, and almost overnight pyramid ads disappeared. I imagined warehouses all over the USA full of unsold and unsellable pyramids. Soon after, most people lost interest in paranormal experiments and explorations. A new generation was taking over.

And so my pyramid collection, made from various combinations of copper, aluminum, plastic, paper, and gold-plated steel continues to give me pleasure when I look at it, but I've found other, much more efficient ways to get the same effect, like "Power Coins" and "Managizers" (see them at The Huna Store).

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