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A Huna Story About Serge
by Lynne Volker

I'd like to share a Huna story with you about Serge, one he hasn't heard and didn't know was taking place. It happened many years ago in the mid '90's when I was wrestling with my desire to get to Hawaii and attend classes in Huna offered on Kauai. Obstacles kept popping up and I couldn't see how I could make Hawaii happen. My inner self was confident that studying Huna was exactly what I wanted while old voices of doubt were still whispering in my ear. However, this story isn't about how I managed to physically get to Hawaii, but rather how any doubts I had were erased.

One day when I had a couple of serious family problems on my mind along with the problem of getting to Kauai, I realized I was near a metaphysical store and I decided to see if they had a reader I had heard about. In the past I had seen readers for fun with friends, but this appointment wasn't for fun. I was hoping for a little different perspective on what was going on with some family members plus I wanted to ask about going to Hawaii.

I didn't like the atmosphere in this place. It was dark and a little oppressive, but I had heard this woman was good, so I went ahead with the appointment. When I came back on the appointed day, family problems were more intense and I forgot to ask about Hawaii. However, she asked at the end of the session if there was anything more I wanted to know. What popped into my head was "Can you tune into other people?" She replied that she could, so I said I'd like her to tune into Serge King and tell me what she found. (I hadn't planned to ask that, but to my surprise it's what I heard myself saying.) She asked where he was physically located and I told her Hawaii.

She closed her eyes and was quiet for a few seconds, when suddenly, her eyes popped open, she jerked her head around to look at me and loudly demanded "Who is he!?" I stammered a bit because I was startled by her intensity, but finally got out that he was a Hawaiian-trained kahuna. She said with awe in her voice that he was a very, very powerful man. She quickly added that power isn't bad, it's how it's used. Her voice was unsteady as if she had been stunned by the encounter and then she paused and said quietly, "He uses it well."

She turned to me again, a little shaken by her experience, and demanded with pointed intensity, why I wanted to know about him! I said I wanted to go to Hawaii and study with him. When she said nothing, but continued to stare, almost glare at me, I became a little uncomfortable and to end the silence I heard myself ask, "Should I go?" Internally I wondered why I asked. This is all very strange, I thought, because I intended to go to Hawaii no matter what the cards said. I expected her to consult the cards to address my question, but instead, she answered my question with a vigorous and loud "NO!" which startled us both. She quickly softened her voice and with honeyed tones said that there was no need to spend a lot of money to go to Hawaii because everything I wanted to learn over there was right here. She then proceeded to show me which books in her store she would recommend and said she would be happy to teach me. When I looked at the books, they were full of chants and spells and language that made me uncomfortable. I paid her and left, happy to be out of that strange atmosphere and even more determined to study with Serge... some day, somehow.

Two weeks passed and a friend called up and asked me to go with her to a reader she'd heard about several miles away. Since I'd just had a reading, I wasn't really interested, but I agreed to ride along and we could go to lunch afterward. When we entered the building, it was very light and cheerful. There were little angel figures all over the waiting room, sitting and hanging in many different poses. There were angel pictures, and angel books. The reader had an angelic smile and an angelic voice, very kind and musical. During my friend's reading, I heard the receptionist take a cancellation call for the next session. Right then I decided to have a mini reading, because I wanted to ask the same question that I had asked of the previous reader. The cancellation was a nice "coincidence".

The reading proceeded and at the end I asked her if she could tune into other people? She said, yes, if they allowed it, she could. So I said could you tune into Serge King in Hawaii and tell me what you find? She closed her eyes and soon a look of great peace and contentment came over her. After some time passed, she turned to me and in a quiet voice apologized for being gone so long. She then asked if I could wait a moment more and she went into her trance. When she came back she had a beautiful smile on her face. She said very softly that is was very hard to come back. With her eyes still closed, she put her hand on her heart and said in a quiet almost hushed tone - what I experienced was love... pure love. It was so beautiful there and that's why it was hard to come back. I allowed a little silent time to pass so she could come back more fully and then followed up with the inquiry, should I go to Hawaii to study with him? Of course, she replied enthusiastically, with her musical, angelic voice and twinkling eyes. You should spend as much time with him as possible. Go as soon as you can she said joyfully. And then she chided, but why did you ask, you knew the answer to that already. Yes, I admitted, I already knew the answer to that.

This experience effectively erased any doubts I had about pursuing further studies in Huna, and it had the additional charm of clearly demonstrating the two prime aspects of our natural state of being, a balance of love and power, which are symbolized by the concentric rings and radiating lines of the Eye of Kanaloa. Both of these readers, each with a strong psychic ability from birth, conditioned by different belief systems, tuned in to Serge intending to experience his essence. One felt awesome, and almost frightening power, (frightening only because of her own belief system) and the other perceived awesome, nearly overwhelming love. It beautifully demonstrated that living and practicing Huna to it's fullest, as Serge does, will bring us to Kanaloa - powerful love / loving power.

Eventually, I did get to Hawaii in '98, '99 & 2000 which later led to becoming an Alakai, and with the rest of you, help to share this wonderful system of ideas and way of living.

So there is the tale, dear friends. I've wanted to offer this story for many years and now appears to be the right time. We have dreamed ourselves and one another into this shared experience and I'm ever so grateful we are together.

Copyright Huna International 2009

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