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Shaman Stones For Empowerment
by Jim Fallon

"Shaman Stones" is the name given by Dr. Serge Kahili King to a type of divination practice derived from ancient Hawaiian shamanism using seven stones or something similar. Divination is the art of recognizing and aligning oneself--or placing yourself in the right relationship-- with the signs of destiny. The goal of a stone reading is to receive information and energy patterns that will help you bring your life into balance, or ho'oponopono, as in "to put to rights; to put in order or shape, correct, revise," to help you come into right relationship at the levels of the physical, mental, emotional, soul and spirit. By providing an energetic map of a situation in the casting layout, a stone reading also provides you with the opportunity to shift the situation energetically to bring you into greater alignment with the life of your dreams.

In many traditions, objects like the stones can also be representations of archetypal animals that are more than symbols--they represent primordial energies or spirits. Modern metaphysics would relate these to the seven states of consciousness, which are represented by all traditions in some way. In Huna, they relate to the seven principles. In Yoga, they relate to the seven chakras. In Andean Shamanism, they relate to the seven Sawyas (similar to the seven principles of Huna).

Each archetype can be symbolized by a power animal that is considered to have a life and powers of its own. Although archetypal power animals vary among native cultures, the principles and the properties of these energies or states of consciousness remain the same because they stand for the same principles of nature. The important point is not what we label these energies, or even which power animals we use, but that we know them well enough so that when we call, they respond.

Let's take this beyond ordinary divination, which is merely seeking answers to questions, and into the realm of self empowerment.

Consulting with the shaman stones or a single stone is like talking over one's problem with an expert or friend. You will use thought language, which means asking a question and then allowing the answer to come to you in a returning thought, feeling, symbol. image, etc. It is important to trust the first impression received. Here are some ideas for doing that.

Lay out all your shaman stones in a circle. Frame your question or intent. Focus on either all the stones or one that is calling your attention, and ask for the answer. Select the stone or in some cases multiple stones and hold them in your non-dominant hand, and bring forth in your mind's eye the image of the power animal or animals represented by the stone or stones. Imagine how it or they would answer. Bring your hand holding the stone(s) to your mouth, and perform pikopiko. Inhale with your attention on the stone(s) and exhale with your attention on your heart.

In the beginning the answers you receive from the thought language will seem to be "like your making it up". This is the correct feeling. You are "making up" true things.

In other uses for the shaman stones in daily life, say for example you're going to do some task, attend some meeting, or do something that requires power or strength. Select the stone that represents the bear (see Dr. Serge King's book Urban Shaman for a list of the seven animals that can be associated with the stones).

Take your bear stone in your non-dominant hand, the receiving hand, and in your mind's eye try to recall those times in your life when you felt strong or had felt inner power. Recall the attributes of the bear. Bring the stone up to your lips, and perform piko piko, inhale with your attention on the bear stone, exhale with your attention on your heart, to bring in those attributes to you.

It is always good to have a definite ending to such a session, so you can simply say, "Thank you" to whoever or whatever you think is the source, or use the Hawaiian word, amama.

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