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by Clare Applegate

Drawn from Kahi Loa

Light begins this journey like the start of the day, or the dawning of creation. We will begin at the center of all life and work outwards like the rays of the sun, waking everything up and encouraging all to grow towards the heavens. Fire illuminates our world, enabling us to see clearly. It cleanses and transforms anything it touches. The rays of the sun are warm and many fingered, lightening our spirits, filling us with a purpose and a passion for life. Even in the darkness the sun is still there, just not visible to us at this time. For every dark night there is a day and the sun will always return. So let us pay homage to the constancy and brilliance of the sun. Let it warm and fill our lives with light. Let us remember that even in the darkest of times, light is still at the center of our lives, without and within, it is a physical fact.

The human body is made up of water by three-quarters, in exact proportion to the body of water upon the Earth. Water is The Source, all living things came from the sea. It supports us before we are born, before we are held by our mothers and by our world. At birth, the waters break and the contractions come in waves, like the sea. Simply watching water flow can ease the pain of childbirth. After birth, water is the carrier of our emotional bodies. When we cry, or truly laugh, or are deeply moved, we shed tears. These too are salty: they ebb and flow. When water is unhindered it runs freely towards its truest depths. If it meets an obstacle it flows around or over it, altering the obstacle with it's own gentle shape, but never altering it's own true course. It soften and smoothes the rough and the hard; it always knows which way to flow. So in this moment let us pay homage to the gentle and deep strength of water. Let it teach us that we must allow our emotions to run freely and to their truest depths. If obstacles get in our way we must not allow them to dam(n) our feelings. Emotions, like water, stagnate and become corrupt if they are held in and neglected. Free flowing, The Source is in sight, and our emotions can become a strong river, a bubbling stream, the deepest ocean, an Oasis that sustains many.

The quick change artist and mover and shaker of all the other elements. Wind shifts everything in its path, yet is invisible and lightweight and seemingly insubstantial. This is the way with most things that create the greatest change, such as a thought, a word or even an intake of breath. Air is the very source of inspiration: our connection to the heavens. It is the carrier of communication: our shared breath. Wind teaches us that change is inevitable and that to be truly happy we must allow it and choose to be uplifted and refreshed by change. So let us pay homage to the wind in this moment, allowing it to take us where it will, and to enjoy the journey for the sake of the journey. Once we have learned to love the freedom of being light and flexible, we can take flight!

Earth is our blessed provider and resting-place: our center and our ground. She holds many precious things: our food and water, the bones of our ancestors, the gems and metals, the crystals and the histories. Most importantly, she holds us. She is the cradle of Life, The Mother of us all. As we still our mind and steady our connection with the Great Provider may we feel Her boundless gifts flow forth into us. Earth teaches us that some of the greatest treasures can be buried deeply, so in this moment, let us go within and with kindness and respect pay homage the treasures of the Earth, to the treasure of Earth Herself and to the treasures we have buried within ourselves. Let us give thanks to The Great Provider as we discover and replenish our inner connection.

One of our greatest allies: plants nourish us, shelter us, warm us and purify our air. They dazzle our eyes with their colour and form and bring delicious scents to the nose. Most importantly they teach us the true beauty of the passing of the years. As time passes a plant expands and grows stronger. A tree will become more firmly rooted in the Earth with every passing year, yet also reaches further towards the heavens. This teaches us that the passing of time gives us an opportunity to establish and grow. With age we can become a strong and grounded structure full of the true beauty of understanding the heaven within ourselves. So in this moment let us pay homage to the usefulness and wisdom of plants. Let us allow ourselves to be caressed by the softness of petals and the fluttering of leaves. May the kindness and support of plants show us how to become firmly rooted yet reach high, and to not be broken down by our Age. Let us unite Heaven and Earth within us with the passing of the years.

Animals teach us the secret of survival: never take more than you give. They are simpler than us and yet the spiritual goals we strive for come as naturally to them as breathing, such as living in the moment, being in touch with nature and loving unconditionally, as our pets do, the animals who choose to share their lives with us. Animals have true beauty. They are in touch with the necessity of their appearance and not taken up with vanity. They eat what they need to eat, and delight in their bodies regardless of how they look; therefore, they are always perfect. They teach us the joy of Being. Their generosity and patience is beyond our willful measure. So in this moment, let us pay homage to the spiritual beauty of animals and to their playfulness and joy. Let us remember to be simple and unconditional in our search for Higher Purpose, and to respect and honour simplicity itself.

Which brings us to the most complex and extraordinary creatures on earth: Humans. Us. We are the witnesses to all the beauty and wonder of nature. We are the full beneficiaries of all the fruitfulness the world has to offer. If this isn't enough, we also have special gifts that are unique to our species: the power of imagination and the ability to make manifest from our thoughts and beliefs in from our dreams. In turn, we have the responsibility of choice in the way in which we conduct our lives. We can create heaven or hell here on Earth according to the way we perceive our world. How blessed are we to be here and alive in this moment. How blessed are we to be able to sense the magic and give it names, accept of reject it, believe or not believe. May we understand how the elements are a part of us, and must be balanced and hallowed for True healing to take place. When we are in balance with the elements without us and within, we become Pure Love in the highest state of consciousness. Pure love can be expressed most clearly in a simple and unconditional loving touch.

And this is what I give to you in this moment Kindred.
This is my offering to you in this time out of time.

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