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The Alakai of Huna International are healers, teachers and leaders who have dedicated themselves to sharing Huna wisdom in order to make the world a better place. The Alakai are currently doing their work in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. To find out more about their work go to What Is An Alakai?

The names below are those of Alakai who have requested that they be listed here. They do not represent all of the Alakai who are actve. Name links below will take you to the website of that Alakai where you will find descriptions of current workshops and other events.

Stewart Blackburn
teaches regular classes on Huna, the Skills of Pleasure, and Manifestation. He also does counseling and mentoring in person (in Hawaii), by email (lomilomiman@gmail.com), by phone (808-965-0940), and by Skype (lomilomiman). He specializes in assisting personal transformation through empowerment, embodiment, and enjoyment. He is also licensed to perform weddings in Hawaii.
Nancy Bloemer
teaches Huna based workshops, practical self-care presentations, group yoga and meditation classes; also provides private massage therapy and/or energy work sessions. Lives in Greater Cincinnati, OH area (USA) Contact information: 859-750-6710; nbloemer@fuse.net.
Paula Brown
is available for speaking and teaching Huna Workshops, Huna counseling, and feng shui. She also teaches, is a speaker, and practices animal communication and healings.
Contact at 710 West 23rd st, Wilmington, DE. 19802
Phone: 310.621.8512
Main email: paula@paulabrowncreative.com
Secondary email: paula@animalhearttalk.com
Renate Bussinger
practices Huna and dances Hula. She shares experience and lives in Germany. Contact her by email at: rt.bussinger@t-online.de.
PJ A'aho Aloha Fay
lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and has a healing practice based on Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism, which includes Vibrational Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling and she is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She also leads a weekly Healing Circle. She can be contacted at dream@pjfay.com or by phone 508-246-1084.
Dominik Chudzinsky
teaches Huna and Hawaiian Bodywork in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and wherever he is called to He is available for private sessions in his naturopath praxis in the Munich area. His email address is dominik@spirit-of-aloha.de. Tel./Fax: +49.8177.8760
Petra Chudzinsky-Sittel
teaches Huna and Hawaiian Bodywork in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and wherever she is called to She is available for private sessions in her naturopath praxis in the Munich area. Her email is: petra@spirit-of-aloha.de. Tel./Fax: +49.8177.8760
Holly Coffey
is a Huna teacher, counselor and practitioner. Classes, blessings, massage (Lomi lomi, Kahi Loa). Contact her by phone 312.409.2280 or fax 312.337.9459.
Barb Cook
lives in Michigan and provides Huna mentoring. She can be contacted at bjkcook@yahoo.com.
Trevor Courtney
does Huna workshops and counseling in Australia. You can email him at trevor@huna.info.
Pete Dalton
lives in the UK and runs Urban Huna and is committed to sharing Huna more widely. His email is pete@urbanhuna.org.
Susan Pa'iniu Floyd
teaches workshops on Huna, Hula and Hawaiian massage around the world. Her contact number in Hawaii: is 808-967-7308. Email: sfloyd01@gmail.com.
Lars Ole Giza
lives and practices in Hamburg, Germany. He works as a healer, counsellor and therapist offering healing-ceremonies, shamanic journeys, personal consultations and groups teaching HUNA. You can contact him by phone (+49 40 279 88 91) or by e-mail (larsolegiza@heilungdurchwunder.de).
Gisela Glaser
is a non-medical practitioner, DMT practitioner, Huna teacher and Huna counselor. She runs her practice in Germany near Stuttgart and she does Huna Workshops in her practice and wherever sponsored. Contact: email info@gisela-glaser.de, telephone 0049.7127.23 70 58.
Christian Gruber
does Huna workshops, Huna healing circles and counseling in Austria, His e-mail address is: c.gruber@tirol.com, Tel.: +43/664/2612844
Tracey Ha'aolakainapali
lives in Australia where she practices, teaches, and writes about Lomi Lomi and Relaxation massage, incorporating Huna and other healing and counseling techniques. Contact her at tracey@aloharainbows.earth.
Jutta Hahr
does Huna and Hawaiian Bodywork teaching worldwide wherever sponsored. She also does private counseling for Kinesiology, Hunakinesiology, Huna and Hawaiian Bodywork in Tuebingen, Germany, and translates and organizes seminars. She can be contacted by mobile 49-177-677 9636 or by email: JuttaHahr@lomi.de.
Jonathan Hammond
is a Maui based (formerly New York City based) Huna and Shamanic Teacher, Practioner and Spiritual Counselor. He can be contacted for teaching engagements or sessions in his private practice. Email: jonathanhammond3@gmail.com.
Mieko Hayashi
is a music composer and runs Ai Japan. Her email is info_ai_japan@mbp.nifty.com.
Mary Olsen Kelly
is a writer and breast cancer survivor who has experienced great success using Huna healing techniques. She is the author of Path of the Pearl, Treasury of Light, and co-author of Finding Each Other: How to Attract Your Ideal Life Mate. Her email is: mokelly52@gmail.com.
Peggy Kemp
does Huna teaching and counseling on business and personal organization, manifestation, and healing in nature. She also teaches shamanic doll-making. Contact her by email at pegnard@gmail.com.
Gloria King
does counseling on relationships, energy, manifesting, and nutrition. Her email is: gloriaking@yahoo.com.
Elinor Kolbeck
practices in Germany where she teaches Huna-shamanism and healing, is a Dynamind practioner, and combines ancient Huna- and Ayurveda-knowledge for the best of humans and nature. She also holds regular healing circles. Contact by telephone: +49+89-347 300, fax: +49+89-388 691 93, email: info@manashakti.de.
Kala H. Kos
is an author and seminar leader who teaches on-site success and prosperity workshops based on Huna, as well as teleconferencing classes and counseling by phone. Email is kala@becomemagnetic.com.
Patrick Lane
1984 Folly Rd #A-209, Charleston, SC. 29492, Tel 843 819 5533, C 702 768 8445, Email wpjl69@yahoo.com, Website www.invention.net/lane. Massage Master/Massage Instructor, Massage for Couples, Beginning-Advanced Massage Classes, combining Huna Philosophy in the teaching & consultation for, Temple Style body work, focusing on the Lymphatic System, developing Optimum Health.
Lisa Larson
is a Huna teacher, counselor and practitioner. She is available for counseling, mentoring and readings, worldwide, though phone and webcam. She teaches classes on Huna, animal communication, mediumship and tarot both in-person and interactively, online, through Google Hangout. Lisa lives in Southern California with her husband and two feline fur-children. Contact her at 760-444-0811, hunashaman.com, or click on her name.
Eugenia Lerner
teaches and writes about Huna, runs a healing circle and does counseling in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her email is eugelerner@gmail.com
Margrit Meier
does Swiss Meditation. Her email is margherita.meier@bluewin.ch or telephone 031.951.60.68.
Fern and Michael Merle-Jones
do weddings, special blessings and rituals and teach Huna courses. You can also email them at bless2u@aloha.net and their contact number on Kauai is 808-828-1342.
Wayne Kealohi Powell
is the Founder of Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork--an integrated Healing Arts Mystery School--offering training in Traditional and Temple Style Lomilomi, Advanced Shamanic Bodywork and Huna--the Way of Miracles. Private healing sessions are available where I live on Kauai HI USA and in cities where classes are offered. Email: shamanicbodywork@gmail.com, phone 808-431-4549.
Erika Radermacher
is a Reiki Master and Firewalk Instructor and teaches workshops on Huna and Alchemical Healing. She also works as a Cranio Sacral Therapist. Her email is erika.radermacher@tiscali.ch or telephone 031.951.60.68.
Marina Raye
is a psychotherapist in private practice. Her practice is based on the philosopy and techniques of Huna and Yoga. She is a certified level 1 Amrit yoga teacher. Contact information: 59B Minot Ave., Wareham, MA 02571, (508) 496-6126; marinaraye03@gmail.com.
Mai-Britt Rosendal
teaches self healing and practices CAT - Cognitive Aloha Therapy in Denmark. She also teaches philosophy, self development and practices global shamanic healing on request. Email Mai at maiprosa@gmail.com .
Janet Rudolph
lives on Long Island near New York City, teaches and practices Huna. has on-going spirit salons, and is available for workshops, talks, coaching and counseling. She is also a specialist in personalized shamanic ceremony. Email contact jandelion@aol.com.
Sabina and Dr. August Rüggeberg
run their Practice for humans and animals in München-Nymphenburg and offer: Treatment, telephone counseling, seminars and regular working groups in Psycho-Kinesiology with systemic orientation, Huna Healing, Family- and System-Constellations, Psychometry (training of psychic perception), Metabolic-Balance diet-counseling, Systemic Astrology, and more. Telephone: 0049.89.7849714. Email: Contact-Link on our website: www.@aloha-star.de.
Ruth Ruppert
teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine, massagen, counselling, learning therapy and Huna, Hula and Kino Mana courses. Phone: +4917686032457; Email: ruthruppert03@gmail.com.
Dave Ruvola
resides on Eastern Long Island, NY. Has been Certified since 1996 by the National Guild of Hypnotists as both a Fire Walker and Hypnotherapist. He is also Certified as a Life Coach by the International Coaching Federation. This was accomplished in October 2020. Dave is available for Coaching in all areas of life and apply Hypnosis where warranted - all done with the Aloha Spirit. He can be reached at: cdruvola@yahoo.com.
Ana Paula Lehua Saraiva
lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She teaches Huna and is a psychotherapist in private practice, a master practitioner in NLP, Regression Therapy, and Hypnosis, as well as a professor of Philosophy. Phone: +55 11 3889-8769; Cell: +55 11 99202-3331; Skype: ap.saraiva; Email: anapaula@apsaraiva.com.br.
Lee Sinnott
Teaches regular classes on Huna and is blending it with a little Celtic shamanic tradition that fits well in the Mountains of Tennessee where he lives. He also offers in person and telehealth Huna Spiritual Counseling as well as Kupono and other services. He can be reached at his email, RavenHuna@gmail.com. Lee specializes in teaching and helping others find and realize their purpose and meaning in the spirit of aloha. He also preforms weddings in Tennessee and other pastoral care services.
Ingrid Melia Stadtler-Pree
Salzburg, Austria and is a licensed life-coach, counselor and systemic NLP-Trainer. She does Huna and Aloha Spirit workshops and also is available for coachings & counseling via skype. Contact her per e-mail: office@suncoaching.net or phone: +43 676 3397888 or click on her name for her website.
Lois & Earl Stokes
are teachers of Huna, Dynamind Practitioners, and provide Huna-based counseling on Hawaii Island. They teach the art form called Zentangle and with their string figures they weave patterns of peace and harmony. Contact them at PO Box 2145, Volcano, HI, 96785, 808-967-7133, or by email at stokes@lava.net
Judy Suchting
lives in Tasmania Australia. She practices Lomi Lomi, Kahi Loa, teaches Huna, counsels women using Huna healing techniques, and runs a weekly healing/meditation circle. Contact 0406495178 or hunagirl@live.com.
Anne-Kristine Tischendorf
lives in Norway. practices Hawaiian massage, teaches hula and Hawaiian culture. Contact Husebybakken 17 M, N-0379 Oslo. +47-93025949, www.facebook.com/alohasenteret.
Graeme Kapono Urlich
is based in New Zealand and is available to teach Huna Workshops and do Huna Counselling and healing work anywhere. Contact huna@xtra.co.nz.
Sigrid Vaupel
teaches Huna and Hawaiian bodywork. She also does Lomi Lomi Nui massage and private counseling. Contact her at aloha-huna@freenet.de.
Katherine Veilleux
does Huna teaching, counseling and does Tarot readings in Vermont. She can be contacted by email: penberthykv@gmail.com.
Lynne Volker
lives in Plymouth, Michigan (USA), teaches Huna and Kahi Loa, provides counseling and mentoring in person and by phone. Contact email: lcvolker@comcast.net.
Florian Waizenegger
works with both individuals and corporations. He takes a Huna-based education and combines it with his management consulting and banking expertise. Florian uses Huna tools for career coaching but also job loss situations, and heals relationship and break-up situations. Available on skype or whatsapp. Please contact him by email under florian.waizenegger@yahoo.com
Eva Walter
is a non-medical practitioner, massage therapist, dance pedagogue;She works with Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism in all professions and in all areas. Her email is eva-walter-heilpraktikerin@t-online.de
Susanne Weikl
practices and teaches regular classes on Huna and Shamanism, She provides Huna-based counselling and works as a healer and therapist in Germany. Contact her by email suwei1@t-online.de or visit her website: www.susanne-weikl.de
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