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Color Me Healed
by Jim Fallon

Color healing, or using colors to enhance and increase the probability of healing, exposes areas of the body to specific colors for healing. Each color has a frequency, and when an organ is mentally or physically permeated with a color, the frequency of the color will tend to affect the organ--just like the vibration of one tuning fork can affect another tuning fork. Matter is energy, and we respond to energy.

You can utilize color energy for quicker, more effective healing results. Colored energy creates a more focused effect on the energy field and the chakras, areas of the body, even situations in life that need to be healed.

What is this healing energy?

All living things are surrounded and permeated by vital energy that the ancients in different traditions called "life force". It is known by different names in many cultures.

There are many systems for color therapy, all with different meanings for what the colors can be used for. They are like dream interpretation books that don't agree on symbolism of dreams or dream meanings.

Every color frequency has its own capability of effecting different parts of the body, your emotional state, mental state, and spiritual state. A good reference for this in is Dr. King's book, Urban shaman.

Red, orange and yellow are the warm and stimulating colors, and green blue and violet are the cooling and soothing colors. White can be used when no other color seems appropriate.

I am going to explain to you a simple system using Kahi with Clouds of Color ( La'a Kea). The methods for using colors can be based on shaman stone divination, or just letting your higher self pick the appropriate color to use for your situation.

No one is unbiased when it comes to color. We are drawn to colors that we most need at the time, instinctively. As Dr.King states in Instant Healing: "The use of specific colors depends on your associations with the colors and the intentions you have. You can use the colors in any way that you want for any purpose that you want".

How to do this:

Relax yourself by doing some pikopiko, and mentally imagine yourself looking up into the sky above you and perceive a rainbow. Perceive the different colors and the intensity of their light and energy.

See the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. See how they merge into each other and yet are separate. As you are mentally looking at or scanning though each color, consider the greatest need of healing you have, or the need for healing a situation. You're going to ask your higher self to pick the color that is needed. Mentally ask "What is the most appropriate color to use for (state the need or condition)?"

As you are scanning through the rainbow colors, your mind will be drawn to one more than the others. This is the color to use. Using Kahi, inhale with the attention at the top of the head, and see the color selected there, and on the exhale, see the color going down to your hands. Allow this color to be drawn down from above, enter at the top of your head , and be "collected" in the palms of your hands.

Now you can perform Stone Kahi on yourself or someone else. Place one hand on a point furthest away from the body area to be healed. and the other hand on the specific body area. Inhale with the attention on one hand, and see that selected color, and exhale with the attention on the other hand, also seeing the selected color. As you exhale, mentally or out loud say "release" to release that color into the body area.

You can also do this mentally on yourself or on a mental image of someone else or a situation (for a situation, just pick any two points on the image and perform Kahi).

You could also select the needed color by stone casting. Ask what is the needed color", cast the stones, and the stone closet to the Kumu answer stone is the color to use.

You could also use a pendulum to dowse for the color

Arrange the shaman stones in a 180 degree arc, the the stones about 25 degrees apart, and let your pendulum dowse over the stones to correct the needed color.

Also, when performing Kahi, you can hold in your hand the shaman stone of the selected color to boost the healing effects.

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