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Distant Dynamind
by Jim Fallon

This is a method of using Serge King's Dynamind Technique for distant healing applications.

Let us consider this in light of the theory that the majority of sickness and disease is founded in an imbalance of energy. In most cases this is related to a buildup of layers of tension within the body.

Disease occurs when there is a psychic or psychological state of tension that holds the imbalance for an extended period of time with a fair degree of intensity. In energy healing, it is easy to "pump" psychic energy into a person for healing. The problem is the fact that unless the "client" changes their thinking, the energy can quickly dissipate or cause other issues. Dynamind allows for the required thinking change, or attitude change in addition to stimulating specific energy points on the body. This combination gives the client something to change their healing patterns. Unless the thinking pattern is changed, the condition often returns no matter what technique is used.

The following is a method for using the Dynamind Technique in distant or remote healing applications.

1. Relax by doing some gentle deep breathing or perform a few rounds of Piko Piko. Piko Piko is performed by placing the attention at the top of the head on the inhale breath, and when exhaling, place the attention at the navel.

2. Imagine that you are in your favorite place in nature, or your favorite garden. This is your inner garden, or your "special place" in your mind. Place your attention on any one sound you hear, then place your attention on touching something in the garden, then place your attention upon seeing one thing in your garden. Using the senses like this helps develop and focuses your awareness which helps increase your energy.

3. With your creative imagination, envision that the individual requiring healing help is mentally there with you in your garden, standing in front of you.

4. Mentally see yourself speaking with them and directing them to place their hands in the Dynamind hand position. Now envision yourself saying to them ( note" in this example, we will assume the person's name is Mary), "Mary has a problem, and that can change, Mary wants the problem to go away". Replace for the word problem a description and location of the health issue condition Mary has.

5. Now with the Dynamind Symbol technique, imagine and make a symbol of the condition and then change that symbol in some positive way to improve it. Now envision the client, Mary, walking into this symbol, surrounding her body.

6. Then imagine that a healing light is coming down from above, and that you can focus this light just like the iris of a camera can focus light. Imagine that you have focused the light into a small sphere, and that this small sphere of light now has a warm and soothing sensation that relaxes and stimulates.

7. Mentally direct the small sphere of light towards the client, Mary, and see it on her chest. See if blinking on and off seven times. using the Dynamind tapping process, do the same for the points on the hands and at the base of the skull.

8. See the client again place their hands in the basic Dynamind hand position. Now direct the sphere of light to the top of the clients head, and see the sphere of light illuminate the clients body as the sphere slowly descends from the top of the clients head to the bottom of the feet.

9. Now imagine that there is a point inside the center of your brain that is radiating out little beams and ripples of light waves or concentric rings. You now mentally think the question asking the client how the round of Dynamind as changed the issue. See this wave of thought question touch the client, and then, like a radar beam, the client's response bounces or echoes back to you. The answer can be in the form of a feeling, a thought, or a symbol.

Based on the client's return information, it can be decided if further Dynamind treatment is required.

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