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The Dynamind Technique (DMT) is the most incredibly fast and effective technique for speeding up the natural healing process that you will ever encounter, and one that you can learn to apply yourself for physical, emotional and mental problems. DMT is a combination of ancient Hawaiian practices organized into one simple, powerful technique that anyone can use. These practices involve the use of breath, words, imagery, and touch.

The power of breath
'Eu ka manu i kona puapua; 'eu ke kanaka i kona hanu - "A bird is moved by its tail; a man is moved by his breath." Breathing can do far more than simply put oxygen into your blood. You will learn a special shamanic breathing technique for healing your body, your emotions and your mind.

The power of words.
Aia ke ola i ka waha; aia ka make i ka waha - "Life is in your speech, death is in your speech." The words you say, and how you say them, can heal or harm. You will learn how to use words for their best healing effect.

The power of imagery
Aia ke ola i ka po - "Health and prosperity come from the inner world." Imagination is used in many healing traditions, and you will learn very special ways of using it to heal the conditions of your life.

The power of touch
Pa ka 'ili, pa ka iwi - "Touching the skin touches the bones." A simple touch can have profound effects. You will learn how to touch certain areas on your body to release tension quickly and allow healing to happen naturally.

The Dynamind Technique (DMT) can help with pain management, stress management, weight management, physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, motivation and skill development.

You can learn more about DMT from the following resources:
"Help Yourself With Dynamind," a free booklet that describes how to do and use the technique in print or PDF form. Request a copy from huna@huna.org.
The Dynamind Technique a home study course.
Healing For The Millions, Serge Kahili King's book about the development and structure of DMT with numerous case studies of different applications from DMT Practitioners around the world. A PDF version is included with the course above.
An excerpt in English of an empirical evaluation of the Dynamind Technique submitted as a Masters Thesis by Dynamind Practitioner Ingrid Stadtler-Pree.

For any further questions, please contact serge@huna.org

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