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The European Dynamind Tour - March/April 2001
On The Road With Fern And Michael

The new Dynamind technique of healing really stirred up a lot of enthusiasm during the fall and winter months of 2000-2001 on Kauai. We witnessed this simple process assist so many people, so quickly in their healing. The Alaka'i were the first "guinea pigs" at our weekly Alaka'i meetings. Here Serge perfected the technique; each week, consolidating perfecting and bringing the focus into greater clarity. Serge began offering Dynamind sessions to the public on Thursday afternoons and that began a healing practice which continues today. In August and again in November Serge offered Dynamind as a weekend training on the Island. It was met again with much enthusiasm. Soon the now trained Alaka'i began taking over leading Thursday Dynamind Clinic.

We were really excited about taking the Dynamind Workshop on the road to Europe and Michael and I were thrilled to be able to work out our schedule to join the tour. It was agreed that we would assist as staff during the trainings and offer private sessions in Dynamind or whatever technique appropriate to anyone requesting personal sessions. In this way, we would provide valuable support while helping to cover some of the expenses of our trip.

Having an active wedding business on Kauai presented us with challenges of keeping in touch with clients and with our staff at home. Our first challenge and success was in finding an International Internet service provider so that we could connect to anywhere with our laptop at our convenience and not be dependant on finding Internet Cafes. This was not an easy task but I finally did connect up with a very reliable and easy service, which I will share with you all to save you the time that it took me. The name is Since we were able to e-mail our clients, friends and family, our trip became the most well-documented of experiences. We left Kauai on March 12 and flew from Lihue to LA and then from LA to Frankfurt where we met up with Serge and Gloria and took a short flight to Basel Switzerland. The following represents a selected e-mail diary of our time on the road with Serge, Gloria and Susan; having a great travel adventure while sharing the amazing Dynamind with our amazing Aloha International family.

"Aloha Karen & Steve,
I'm writing to you from our room in Basel Switzerland. It appears that we are able to access and send our messages just fine from here. Let us know if you receive this okay and also let us know what the return address reads, from us.

"Today was our first full day here although we slept away the afternoon. This morning we went on a long walk with Serge and Gloria. They have been to Basel before and were able to take us all around the "old town" area with cobblestone walkways and quaint buildings, very old churches and cathedrals. It is a lovely city and seems easy to get around. Our hotel gave us a pass for the public transportation on trolley cars that are so narrow they look like they might tip over, but so far we have been on foot. We are directly across the street from the train station, which has its own shops and restaurants inside. Our room faces into a courtyard so it is very quiet. Actually, this whole place seems very quiet, clean and orderly. In contrast, we are a bit clumsy--this morning I nearly set the breakfast room on fire by using the wrong toaster for Michael's croissant, and yesterday I managed to lock the room safe without getting the correct opening code and had to get assistance from the hotel to get the safe open again. So after all that, you can see why I do feel very accomplished to be successfully getting on line after all the efforts in that direction! We are quite prepared for the weather here and it has not been as uncomfortable as we expected. Outside temperature is about 50 F and with my new coat, hat, gloves, and sweaters (thanks Karen)--it is fine. There are crocuses blooming and buds on the branches. Indoors is quite warm and aside from the hassle of getting in & out of all our warm gear, we are doing fine. We'll be here til Monday sometime. Looking forward to our first training which is hosted by Aeon and will take place at a large music hall that has several concert halls inside. We hear there are around 240 sign-ups!!
Stay in touch,
Fern & Michael"

"Aloha Peggy,
Well here we are in Basel. The workshop was a huge success. Serge was in superb form and was most witty and entertaining while delivering the material in an impressive manner. The crowd, and it was a crowd, thoroughly enjoyed every minute and bought managizers, Hawaiian CDs, sarongs and Kauai essences, like crazy.

"Michael and I were here alone with Serge and Gloria the first few days and it was an opportunity for us to share and do things together. Serge took us around the town, which is so lovely and we had a chance to talk about future and present manifestations etc. We are all very excited about how well things are going and have good ideas for the future.

"Susan arrived with Terry on Friday and our group expanded more each day. We did a hula presentation on Saturday just at the closing of the session and then we led a hula class of about 50 that night! It has been great to see faces from the past trainings and get re-acquainted with students and friends. Each day brought more little gifts, chocolates mostly!!

"Serge announced to the training that Michael and I were available to do follow up and individual sessions and on Sunday I did 3 and Michael did 2. On Monday, we each have 3 before we leave for Lugano and Myra's house by train. Tues.and Weds. nights, I will be leading a hula class at Myra's house, with Michael accompanying me on Ipu. Iím teaching 'Lei Ana Molokai' and 'Ka Wai Lehua.' We feel excited and successful!!

"Please give our best "Bon Voyage" to Gy . I know that Susan wanted to e-mail him from my computer to wish him a special Aloha but I don't think she will get to it before leaving in the early am for Zermatt. So be sure to give him all of our love.

"Hug each hula sister for me and tell them that I am thinking of them as we share hula around the world, more sisters and brothers to share in our aloha. Enough for now, we're packing for the train ride.
Aloha Pau Ole,

"Aloha Mom & Dad.
It is Sunday night and the first weekend training is over. It was a huge success. The training was held in a large ballroom in an old concert hall that also houses several other ballrooms and a full orchestra theatre. The organizers here in Basel had decorated the hall with tropical flower arrangements, giant Bird of Paradise, gingers and ferns, I can't imagine where they came from. It was so beautiful. The acoustics were wonderful as well and so was the translator. Serge was up on a stage so he could be seen perfectly. In the training, Serge does many demonstrations where people come right up on stage and he works with issues of Health, Relationships or Life Situations. It was amazing to see immediate healings taking place.

"Basel has been alot of fun. It is easy to get around and very sweet. I even rode the trolley by myself today after doing a private Kahi Loa Massage session. Tonight there are many bands playing in the streets as it is the close of Basel's annual carnival celebration.

"Tomorrow late afternoon, we leave for Lugano by train. It is a 4 hour ride with a dining car etc. I'm excited about it. Serge, Gloria and Susan are going skiing in Zermatt while Michael and I go to Lugano and then to Innsbruck en route to Vienna. We meet up with them again on Friday in Vienna. Will keep you informed.
Much love,
Fern & Michael, European Travelers."

"Aloha Janey.
Our adventures in Switzerland have been awesome. We left Basel on Monday by train to Lugano. The train ride is very beautiful through the snow capped Swiss Alps and cascading waterfalls into glacial lakes. I just love seeing the small but ornate churches with tall steeples raised high up on hills with the towns spread out in a circle around them. One wonders how they were ever built so high.

"Myra's house is on a mountainside overlooking Lake Lugano on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Although it is still Switzerland, the people speak and eat Italian!! It is so beautiful here.

"Last night we had our first hula class with 8 students plus Myra and us. Most of these people are from Myra's meditation group that she leads weekly. She has quite a following. I taught 'Lei Ana Molokai' last night and tonight we do 'Ka Wai Lehua.' At the end of the class, we did our traditional go around with a blessing and then I started the Aumakua chant--little did I know that they all had learned this from Myra and joined in with their sweet Italian voices--it was a thrill.

"Taking it easy today, hanging out at this wonderful house and doing some bodywork. Myra is a Naturopath as well as lomi practitioner and teacher. Her therapy room is beautiful as well. She did some wonderful work on Michael and I using an inflated body pillow and rocking movement to create an inner opening with the vibration, very effective. I gave her a Kahi Loa treatment.

"Tomorrow we leave for Vienna via Innsbruck by train. We meet up with Serge again in Vienna on Friday for the first night of the weekend workshop there. Margit has offered us an apartment in her house. We are so lucky.
Much love and light to all at home.

"Aloha Peggy.
We are in Lugano, on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Yesterday we went over to the other side of the lake to have lunch in Italy, it was fabulous, dahling... The people here are most friendly, the hula went great last night, and tonight we expect more to come!

"Tomorrow we go to Innsbruck, then on to Vienna, for a week or so,,,, Serge's weekend training in Vienna sold out, so he is doing another one Tuesday & Wednesday.
Mahalos and love to you, 'talk' to you soon...

"Aloha Mom and Dad from Vienna.
We arrived in Vienna last Friday after a day in Innsbruck which was quite lovely and quaint as I had remembered it. Michael and I stayed at the Inn where Susan and I had stayed and where Mozart stayed as a young boy with his father. Since then it has been modernized and has lovely rooms and modern bathrooms but still the original plank floors that slant and walls with tall windows that look out to the cobblestone courtyard. It was a nice getaway for the two of us alone.

"Now we are staying in our own apartment in the basement of a large house, very much reminiscent of Boston. This three-story house has been in Margit's family for her whole life and now she lives here alone though she has one apartment that she rents out long-term as well as the little apartment that we are in. Michael is very charmed by it and would like to stay a month and be the writer, artist becoming inspired in the basement! Right now I am writing you from Margit's home office where she has the computer connections up on the third floor.

"The weekend training was again a huge success with over 220 participants. Everyone got a lot out of the new material and Serge got a standing ovation at the end of the weekend. Michael and I have 14 signups for private sessions so far over the next 3 days. It has been really fun and very satisfying work. Michael and I are working separately which has been great for both of us. I am really happy for Michael. People have responded to his wisdom and insights and he has been in demand. We are only working mornings to keep the afternoons free to explore Vienna. The next training (which was necessary due to the full enrollment) starts tonight here in Vienna but Michael and I will only be present occasionally as our sessions will be happening at the same time. We leave for Munich on Thursday morning. It has been a whirlwind but we are having a fine time. The weather is chilly but not too bad, between 50 to 60 degrees, and all of the trees are budding.
Much love to all,
Fern & Michael."

"Aloha Peggy.
We are here in Vienna at Margit Frank's house. Michael and I are staying in an apartment in the downstairs of her large Victorian-style house on the outskirts of the city. It is very comfortable and we will be doing sessions here starting tomorrow morning. I was concerned that people wouldn't want to come out of the city so far but we are quite close to the trains and it is not a problem. Tonight Margit gave a dinner party for all of us and several of her friends. It was delicious and very European.

"As you have heard, the first training here in Vienna was a big success. Dominik was the translator and he did an excellent job. We danced hula again for the training on the last night and it was even better than in Basel!

"The European Huna family is warm and receptive, we are very well taken care of. Tonight at the party, Veronica shared her picture album of Kauai and it was so impressive and nostalgic--made us all look forward to returning to our beautiful island home.
Much love to all,
Fern & Michael on the road with Dynamind."

"Hi Lois & Earl.
We stay in Muenchen (Munich) tonight, just arrived from Vienna today with Serge & Gloria, went to a beer hall complete with brass band and then on to traditional German dinner, great fun. They serve large soft pretzels with the meal instead of bread. But at the end you have to pay extra for how many of them you eat. Lots of new things to learn.

"Wein (Vienna) was very cold. Serge very popular, first seminar was sold out with over 220 people, extra training Tuesday & Wed. for 80 more ! Standing ovations, they love Huna over here.

"Now we are in Germany with our good friends, Petra and Dominik, at their house on Lake Starnberg, about 25 minutes outside of Munich. It is most beautiful here. They live in a quaint chalet-style house on a huge lake out in the country with winding country roads and large lots of land, large old houses.

"It is finally feeling like Spring here, all the plants are budding and lots of daffodils and pansies are blooming. Today we rented an electric boat and went out on the lake for an hour. The sun was warm and the air soft. The trainings are over for us. They were all hugely successful. This one outside of Munich had an attendance of 160 people. It was held in a town hall in Starnberg. Petra did much of the translating here and did a great job. It is quite demanding to be so present and focused for such an extended period of time. Michael and I continued to do private sessions here and we felt quite satisfied with the result. People have shared with us their fears, their fantasies. It has been remarkable and we have been deeply moved and honored by this opportunity. Most important though, we have been able to help and guide people to their own healing using the Dynamind as well as other shamanic tools.

"Now we are taking a few days of pleasure before leaving for the USA and Hawaii via Santa Cruz, CA on Wednesday. Serge, Gloria and Susan go on to England but for Michael and I that will have to wait for the next time.

Editor's Note: Serge, Gloria and Susan stayed at a small hotel called "The House" in Hampstead, just north of London proper. Across the street (marked "Look Right!" in big letters) was a huge church that had been turned into the largest recording studio in the UK, and next to that was the Girl Scout center where the training was held. Even though the training was set up on very short notice there were about 70 participants, including old Huna friends like Connie Biegler and Rueben Hjorth, and more amazing healings occurred.

London was very cold and rainy, but hard shaman work brought out a few hours of sunshine on the weekend. The Team found time to take in movies at the Trocadero off Picadilly Square; Serge and Gloria visited St. James Park, Trafalgar Square, Parliament and Westminster Abbey; Gloria got to drink good ginger beer and Serge filled up on bangers and mash. Susan went on to Scotland, trainings of her own, and, perhaps, Tibet. We'll have to wait for her report to come in later.

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