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My Experience
by Stefanie Doll

The first time I met Serge Kahili King, it was such an experience! I saw this man walking through the classroom and I heard his voice "Aaaalooooha!" Everybody was so quiet and nobody did anything. It was in October 2000 in Kirchzarten during an Instant Healing (Dynamind Technique) course.

He was teaching us all the things about Huna, the Aloha Spirit and the DMT. We had so many questions and he gave us all the answers. Fantastic! During this course there was a lady named Jutta Hahr, she was dancing a hula and I was so hypnotized by her and her movements. For me she was such a beautiful woman, I thought that I could not speak to her because there was such a big respect between me and her. But we had a little rest and she came to me and spoke to me. I was so proud. She asked me if I could give her all my scripts after the course, because she has to translate Serge and she couldn't write all the things. I said "yes, of course I can do it, I send it to you per email." She asked me if I wanted to learn the Hawaiian Bodywork. This time I didn't know what it is, but I said "yes, why not?"

When I was at home I couldn't believe all the things which happened, but deep in my heart I felt very happy. In January 2001 I got the DMT Practitioner certificate from Serge and started to work with DMT as well, there was such a big success with this. In March I started with the Kino Mana by Jutta and I enjoyed the work and the hula.

In April I built a Center for Kinesiology, Hawaiian Bodywork and Instant Healing. The first time a lot of people came and we had success. Then in July the people didn't come and I became very sad because I was thinking about my business and the money. My boyfriend lost his job, then he got a new one, but not for good money. The bad time had started. Sometimes we couldn't buy some food or couldn't pay all the bills. I made the second Kino Mana Course by Jutta, but the bad time held on. Then in April 2003 I did the third course together with Susan and Jutta. The experience began.

After this course I felt so much love deep in me and I started to love my work really (Thank you, Susan!). There in a town where I grew up, there is a big Thermal Bath with a House for Wellness. They make massages from all over the world. My thoughts were that I would go there to make Lomi Lomi Nui Massage. So I made a date with the boss from Vita Classica and he told me that he wanted to have this massage there, but I would have to wait until July, because we needed time for promotion. OK then in July we started a big promotion to show the people what Lomi Lomi Nui is. It was outside near the pool with candles, a big fire, palms, and I did free 10-minute demonstrations. I did massages without a rest from 18.00 to 1.00 in the night, the people liked it. After this time, I went two times in a week for 3 or 4 Lomis to the Vita Classica. Suddenly the money comes a little bit.

In August there was my wedding and we spent the honeymoon in Greece with friends of mine. I told them all about my new business and which work I do and what it is and how strong it is in this time in Germany. One day later we met a man in a bar there on the beach. We drank together Ouzo with water and ice, and he asked me if I can do something for him, because he had a big pain in his lowest back. I told him that I want to try it, I can not promise if it will work or not. He want the therapy directly on the beach. I asked my friend Nico "who is this man?" and he told me that it is "Papa Jannis". He is the priest of the little town where we stayed. I started with the work, I only did the moving circles with the legs from the Lomi massage. He felt fantanstic, easier and free from pain.

When we came back to the friends' hotel, they told me that a woman is searching for me, because she had pain in the back. I couldn't believe it!

In Germany the work is hard and nobody can believe or trust in what I do, and here it goes so fast! After healing the lady, I had every day one or two or more clients. In one week I worked more than in one year at home, and the people paid on their own, I had nothing to say. At home the people always want to have it for free, because nobody has money in this time in Germany.

So I had an idea, I told my husband Udo that I want to stay for the summer months in 2004 in Greece, to help the people and to make Lomi Massages there on the beaches or in the hotels. A lot of guests want massages, but nobody there can do that. He said that is a perfect idea, so we went out to find a little flat for the months April to October. We found a very nice and cheap flat under olive trees in the middle of a big garden. Now I realized that this is the thing I have to do for the future. I can feel it deep inside myself and I'm so sure, like I never was before.

The daughter of our friends lives in Athens and she was so interested about the Huna Spirit and the Hawaiian Bodywork and the Instant healing that she invited me to come in October to Athens to give courses in Instant Healing (I did all for the DMT Teacher Certification). Now in October I will fly to Athens to give an Instant Healing Course and I will have clients there. The time has come to build Hawaiian Bodyworker there and Practitioner for Instant Healing.

I called Jutta and told her everything, and in the future we make courses together with Susan to bring the Huna Spirit to Greece!! It is very important that we work together like a network and not alone in these heavy times. I will enjoy working together with Jutta and Susan and other Practitoners or Teachers.

Hey people outside, this is my experience and my new life!!! In 2005 I will move over to Greece with my husband, he will make the logistics for me, and we want to build a nice house there.

The best is that since the day in Greece when I noticed that I can have success in Greece, I didn't think of money, I let it flow, and now the money comes every day a little bit more. Suddenly my business is running and the telephone is ringing the whole day.

Thanks to Serge, Jutta and Susan for your Aloha Spirit which had reached me deep in my heart. Thanks to the friends who must wait for a long time for the money - now is the time I can pay my open bills. Thanks for believing in me. Thank you, Frank.

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