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Fishing For Gold
by Mai-Britt Rosendal

Recently I had a very interesting experience.

I live in Northern Europe in a beautiful shallow archipelago on a small island with a big history of merchant shipping, fishing and adventure. In my purse I carry a golden coin from a different chain of islands that I had the pleasure of visiting last year. A chain of islands as bound up with the ocean, with sailing, and with navigation, as my own. The islands of Hawaii. I got the coin in Germany at a Huna seminar. I bet you all know it. The symbol of the Eye of Kanaloa - so bound up with the ocean, and with the point of harmonious, integrated and connected stillness at the centre of your being - is on one side of the coin along with the 7 principles of Huna. On the other side is the symbol of the ocean-going canoe with the sail. The vessel that will take you from one shore across the ocean to the other shore. You, yourself, are the captain and the navigator. You set the course, you create your experience.

On the day of the interesting experience, I had been to a meeting on Denmark's garden island: Funen, and was waiting for my ferry to take me home to my own smaller island (although we have an airfield, we use ferries all the time, because we love boats).

The sun was shining as I strolled along on the idyllic harbour front with the many beautiful yachts, fishing boats, and tall ships from many different places in Europe. I had about half an hour till the ferry was due. I saw a nice spot with a wooden table and benches and decided to sit down and do some shaman practice. The floor of the deck I sat on was made of big wooden planks with a narrow space between each one. Through the spaces you could see the water underneath the deck.

I sat down, and without thinking about why, took out my purse and opened a part of it that I never open. Inside that "pocket" is the gold managizer coin that I got in Starnberg at the Huna seminar that sent me out on my shaman-intensive-Huna-forever- journey. At the moment I had actually forgotten it was there. I took it out and wanted to place it in front of me on the table while putting a bottle of water from my handbag there too. The coin fell off the table. I knew instantly about the cracks between the deck-boards and yelled "NO!" at the coin, with spontaneous emotional intent, but without words or sound. "I want you to stay with me," I told the coin in my mind. I didn't even look, but trusted that it would obey, while I put the water and my hand bag down.

I heard the sound of the coin running like a little golden wheel on wood, and then the sound of it finding a place to rest on wood. "Good," I thought. It had not run into the water. I left my bench and looked for it. It was gone! I told it in my mind "I want to find you now" and saw it glittering there between two deck-boards on a wooden support-beam under the deck. There was water everywhere else but where it had landed. It was so close, yet so out of reach! I had no way of reaching it. I saw instantly that it was impossible to get to it, unless I tore up the two big planks on either side of the tiny space where I could see it showing a Hawaiian canoe with the 7 pointed star and the words "Bless the present." I knew that the sentence went on: "Trust yourself - Expect the best." Even if the actual words were in shadow, under the deck.

"I thought about that a bit. I sat down on my bench and pretended it didnt matter. I obviously couldn't do anything about it, so I might as well accept it and relax. I asked my inner self "Is it good for something that the coin is there, in that place?" and got nothing. No "yes,", no "no."

Once I travelled to Greece with a very special crystal pyramid that I then dropped "by accident" on a mountain where local stories told of a curse. An entire village had been abandoned 40 years ago because of "evil spirits and mysterious deaths." Only now, people were beginning to return, rebuilding the houses which had been left and now stood as picturesque ruins. I didn't even ask to find my pyramid. I knew instantly that It had used me as a ride to get to that mountain. Sounds strange, but that was the energetic imprint. One of strong healing purpose. It was a small pyramid, but with a powerful feel.

This was not the same thing. I checked. The coin called to me, reminding me of how happy I was with Huna International and how glittering and full of mana the Huna way felt to me. It felt like I was part of that coin and it was part of me, for all that it represented to me. I could of course order another one. Except for the fact that I had no money. But that was irrelevant. I felt that I didn't want to, either. I wanted THIS one. The one from my passionate take off on my journey to manifest the life I want, helping myself and the world simultaneously become better places. I wanted my Starnberg gold coin-of luck & mana! I got up and stood over the coin that glittered like gold on its tiny ledge of dark wood. I could read the words "Aloha International and I thought about this a bit without really thinking...Just entered into a sort of meditative "problem-solving-state."

I thought: Maybe someone will see it and look it up on the internet?" I didn't care. I wanted my special managizer. Not in a frustrated kind of way, just in a "I make MY destiny"-kind of way. I looked around for another option since my first logical impulse of tearing up the two boards was not going to happen since I didn't have the tools.

I noticed that I had made a choice. I was going to try to get it up. In some way. Even if it was initially "impossible." Even if I had to get into the water and get all wet. I wanted a better solution, though.

I sat down and visualised. I thought about how the coin had really landed on the deck, not under it, but I couldnt convince myself of that. It was too far from what my sense impressions had decided was real. Fair enough. I went to the edge of the deck and looked into the water. Too deep to walk on the bottom and still reach the little ledge if I went under the deck. There was a tiny boat without mast that might go under the deck, but I couldn't steer it even if I had borrowed it, and I couldn't really borrow it, either.

I sat down on my knees and looked at the coin intently. The problem with getting it up through the narrow crack was not just that my fingers were way too big, but also that the coin needed to be upright when coming through, which was critical if I were to use sticks or tools of some kind. I went round the other side of the deck, the land side. Some weeds were growing there, some with stick-like properties. I thought about what I carried in my bag. Chewing gum... I might get it to stick but I wouldnt be able to turn the coin and keep it stuck while getting it up through the crack.

Suddenly I saw what I could do. On my arm I had a piece of Disney bandaid that I put on an itching mosquito bite before leaving the house that morning. For no good reason really. Never done that before. It was a blue bandaid (Blue being the symbol colour of Huna's 6th principle: Mana (All power comes from within) with little yellow-gold Simba lions on it. A lion is a cat-creature. The animal symbol of Huna's 3rd principle: Makia. It was golden, the colour of Huna's 4th principle, Manawa (Now is the moment of power).

It told me in a flash that: "FOCUS on Now as the moment of power on a backdrop of all power comes from within - Confidence."

I had also put two more bandaids in my hand bag as I left that morning. Which was weird too. I have no logical explanation to why I did that. There was no rational explanation. I tore up the two stick-like weeds, cleaned them of leaves and got the yellow Disney bandaid with tiny Baloo & Mowgly images all over it. (Yellow for the present moment, Baloo & Mowgly for happy-go-lucky confidence and fun).

I carefully put one sticky end of the baindaid around the stick and stuck it carefully down the crack where it connected, as I had seen it do very vividly in my minds eye, with the coin with the other sticky end. I brought the other stick down the crack and used it to press on the bandaid where it was touching the coin, so that I was sure it would stick really well. I then fished up the stickÔ now carrying the coin as some golden fish on a rod, moving perfectly, gravity giving the coin the right vertical angle to be able to slip out of the crack with ease. Voila! I had MY managizer!

Caught with a choice, an intent, an idea, a helping set of tools I didn't know I had access to, and an action. And the coin had told me how to do it really: Bless the present (be now) Trust yourself (you have the choice and the power) and Expect the best (faith - the world is what you think it is and your focus decides).

With Huna we can do the "impossible." As long as we are flexible and focused enough to figure out a way to do it. Aloha from a happy Hunatic.

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