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channeled through Kala Kos and recorded 10/28/97

Even now my spirit resides in you as it has for all eons, and so shall it for we are of one family. The DNA holds all information and I am part of that informational structure, for I am part of the legend and myth of the Polynesian people that spreads even so far to the ends of the earth to other cultures in other names - it is still me. And you have asked me to come and give you guidance and information that you seek to put forth on the planet today. This is a great quest that you are embarking upon. Like the hero's journey, you uncover your own personal dragons that look as though they are the dragons on the path. Whereas you will discover more and more often, they are only symbols of that within you which cowers from the extraordinariness of your potential. Your possibilities are beyond what you can even begin to imagine. That small-self part of you that has been conditioned into believing that it must be secure and safe by being small, holds on for dear life as you make this step into the absolute beauty and wonder of this infinite universe. How to deal with it? As ever, you breathe. You send loving energy to those parts of you that wish to contract and as you send that love you visualize the expansion of your being, of every cell of your body, for the Ku resides in every cell of the body.

The sadness that you feel as you extend is just that, the feeling of needing to extend yourself out into the external world in order to become something or be something. Yet, when you expand and encompass within the moment where you are, that is when all things come to you. For as you relax in the moment, in the now, and know yourself, you open to the knowing of all things for it is embedded within you. And the imprint of all things surrounds you.

This time in history is when men and women and children are receiving energetic messages of the shift that is occurring. This shift is exactly that - how do we create from the inside out? For that is what we do. And therefore let us come into harmony with that understanding. For if we can come from that understanding, our lives can reflect a harmony that has not existed en masse before.

This is the role that Huna plays in the world now as it re-enters world consciousness. For Huna is not just a set of principles. Huna is the experience of all possibility and in this experience there is some letting go. That letting go is what you have been asked to do in the last several weeks and it is the letting go that others are being called upon to do right now. However it is rightfully said that in order to let one pattern go, one must replace it with another that is then the new driving force or shall we say, even the passive force, the Na. For that is what we are being called upon in this moment of history, to come into -- the calm force. It is not passive in the sense that it does not create, for it creates very powerfully. We are merely looking at the aspect of that force that sits within beingness and allows. It allows the impulses of creativity and allows the guidance that brings movement.

Humankind is now being asked to trust in experience, the experience of life and to look below the surface, knowing that there is always a reflection in another realm that can show the path. For we are always being shown the path to our greater potential. We are always opening up to the path of our greatest potential. Staying small is not our way and it is not the way of only the few to become great. But it is the way of every being on this planet for greatness is inherent and though it may not look like public glory, it will feel like greatness to the individual who will experience the absolute wonder of Self and Other.

What is happening here is a major transformation. And this major transformation is such upliftment. Yet we do need a system like Huna to help us on the Hero/Heroine's journey for we have not learned the best habits for harmonization, in fact quite the opposite. However necessary that has been it is now time to change. The change calls each and every one and the tools on this journey are the Huna tools that were used by the masters of old.

Kala H. Kos is an Alakai, teacher and author. Her book Die Huna Lehre, co-authored with John Selby, can still be found on Amazon. This channeling was recorded during the writing of the book.

Copyright Huna International 1998

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