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by Diane Koerner

"Whatever works is Huna," I've heard Serge Kahili King say. That's one of the many reasons why Huna is so effective. It can be used with any belief system and in conjunction with any other healing modalities. In fact, it can enhance their effectiveness.

I've found this to be true both as a writer on all matters of holistic health and as a facilitator at the annual Hawaii Health Getaway, a continuing education program for healing professionals held every year on the Big Island.

My most recent writing challenge was contributing to "The Chakra Diaries" by Becca Chopra. A novel about ten people transforming as they reach for health, happiness and love, I found that one character's story in particular needed "the Huna touch."

Carol was a character who saw herself as a victim of her abusive childhood and chronic fatigue syndrome, but who was really defeating herself at every turn by her anger. While her chakra balancing work helped to improve her condition, it took introducing a young man, a "Huna Magician," to effect a radical change in her destructive behavior. After he led her on a journey of forgiveness and taught her the Huna principles, she was able to strengthen her solar plexus chakra (the center of personal power in chakra terminology) and focus on what she wanted, not on what she didn't want. After applying the principles, Carol found herself in a paradise of peace and harmony on beautiful Kauai.

Just as Carol used guided visualizations, color therapy and yoga poses to heal her third chakra, other characters in the "The Chakra Diaries" did the same during their 8-week chakra balancing workshop. Many of the meditations are similar to those used in Huna healing circles, drawing in energy from nature and releasing negative emotions and dis-ease. Piko-Piko breathing was used to enhance the color therapy, when participants breathed deeply of the healing, soothing rainbow colors. In standing yoga poses, the characters were asked to imagine roots extending through their feet and anchoring them to the earth, a technique I learned while hiking with my Huna teachers that helped me find balance and stability.

During the annual Hawaii Health Getaways, there is also a blending of healing methods. Every year, Serge Kahili King has taught the participants how releasing stress can release body tension, pain and disease by letting the natural healing energy of the body flow freely. If Dynamind or other instant mind-body healing techniques are not successful, Serge has explained how to enhance the effectiveness of any medicine they choose. For instance, if you're about to go in for surgery, talk to your body (your ku), instructing it to bleed less and heal faster than anyone else has ever healed from such a procedure. If medication is warranted, tell the pill to go directly to the problem that needs its action and to cause absolutely no side effects.

More and more, complementary medicine is being practiced even in hospitals, and I've received feedback that Huna techniques prove valuable there. I had an email from an ICU nurse, saying how a minute of Piko-Piko breathing with each patient before they go in for a procedure has made a world of difference in their stress levels and recovery times.

Why is a certain healing technique or medical treatment a success for one person and not for another? Huna shows that our beliefs can impact the success of any endeavor. Going back to "The Chakra Diaries," I have to wonder if an energy healer who got cancer did not receive any benefit from chemotherapy because of her lack of belief in allopathic medicine. A piece of wisdom from that book is that we should take advantage of the best medical care available, whether from mind-body healing, chakra balancing, homeopathy, acupuncture, surgery, even chemotherapy, whatever works, and that collectively they can be effective and complementary rather than self-exclusive.

Whatever your goal, use a little Huna, replacing the FUDS (fear, uncertainty, doubt and stress) with self-confidence and mana, and the outcome will always be more successful.

Diane Koerner has been a student of Huna International for the past 17 years. A Kindle version"The Chakra Diaries" by Becca Chopra is available at Amazon.com, and more information on her annual retreat programs can be found at www.HawaiiHealthGetaway.com.

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