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Huna for Sports
by Jim Fallon

Young people benefit from participating in sporting activities, because this helps their bodies to grow stronger, so they will be strong and healthy adults. Sports teaches the value and benefits of teamwork, of doing your job, of practice and persistence and concentration.

Most coaches now use mental rehearsal for their athletes. Why? I Because it's a part of students' leadership development, because these sports skills give the ability for them to become leaders to think, problem-solve, react, eliminate distractions in life. The ability to maintain focus, to maintain a calm state, and to make critical decisions is paramount to any profession. These are skills that are transferable to life.

One form of mental sports training is the Huna technique of Grokking.

This technique allows you to experience what another person is experiencing. You can do this by imagining that you are putting his or her head over your own, as though you were putting on a helmet. Simply imagine putting on the head of a world champion before a match, get the experience and the feeling, take off the 'helmet' and then your sports performance will improve with great success.

You always hear that the professionals are focused; they are 'in the zone.' They use mental rehearsal to see their bodies do what they need to do to be successful. You can use a special symbol recall to get into this zone while playing.

Grokking is a way to exercise your mind so that you can play the game and win the way the pros do.

You've seen athletes do it at the amateur and professional levels, in all sports. Professional basketball players mimicking the free throw, picturing it mentally, before actually taking the ball and shooting it. The pro golf champion on the tee visualizes his drive before taking the swing. Studies have has now demonstrated conclusively that when you practice mentally, you will gain almost as much benefit as you will when you practice physically. And when you combine both physical and mental practice, your results are far greater.

Picture yourself doing the right things. If you have made a mistake, use visualization and imagination at to correct it.

An excellent way of doing this is to use the techniques given in the article "Shamanic Healing In The Wake Of A Disaster" by Serge Kahili King.

Ask yourself, your Ku, for a symbol of all the times you were successful or in some cases the times where you did not perform well, and made mistakes. Let the symbol take the form of a single natural or man-made object, a sound, or a feeling. This allows you to focus on helping yourself. Ask or something specific to provide you with the symbol.

Dr. King states "When something new or different appears in your imagined comfortable place, accept that as the symbol. If the symbol needs fixing or healing, use your imagination to fix it or correct it. If the symbol looks or feels fine, do something to make it even better, or imagine filling it with strong, beautiful energy in the form of light or sound."

To get the symbol, you can ask yourself to review "mental movies" of yourself playing the game. For example in tennis, you could image yourself mastering your serve and return serve. You could see yourself mastering your forehand and backhand strokes, and seeing yourself successfully mastering your lob and overhead smash. Then ask for a symbol that represents these attributes, get the symbol in your mind, make it better, and when playing, recall the symbol to activate these attributes in the Ku, which will then provide the mind body connection to allow your body and muscles to perform "in the zone"

Let's say you were having problems with golf. You could imagine your swing, and the "problems" with it, change the imagination and see yourself correcting these issues, having a fluid swing, for instance. Get a symbol for that, make the symbol better, and recall the symbol when you are playing golf.

Body building. You could imagine a series of images, like a movie you are watching, seeing yourself having the willpower, inner strength and determination to build your body to absolute perfection, seeing yourself develop the body you desire: the exact size, definition, fullness, separation, and hardness. You see yourself molding and sculpting your body to your specifications.

No matter what the sport, you can use grokking, imagination and symbols to improve your performance.

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