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by Peggy Kemp

I was lucky enough to work for Aloha International as an Adminstrator for 4-1/2 years. It was my dream job! It combined my administrative, organizational, and on-line skills with the opportunity to teach Huna, help with healing and interact with people around the world every day, in addition to working with my teacher, Serge Kahili King.

Much of that interaction was on-line, through email. I probably sent and received at least 7,000 emails during that time - 7,000 opportunities to share and receive. Many of them were course inquiries, course reservations, or requests for the Aloha Spirit or Dynamind booklets, but there were also healing circle requests and experience-sharing emails.

I kind of liked the idea that I was part of something that was inspiring people, but I ended up being the one who was inspired, and it brought me four enduring, unexpected and inspiring friendships.

"B" is a young man living in the American South. He had a dream one night of a goddess riding on a whale, and when he asked her name, she said, "Hina." He researched Hina, and that search led him to the Huna International website, He wrote us, wondering why a person with no reference to Hina or Hawaiian culture would suddenly have a dream like this. What was my answer? "How should I know? What do you think it means?"

Over the years, B and I kept in touch by email. He shared his experiences following a Native American healing path and sent me a gift of sage bundles. As I got to know him better, I found out that he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of childhood family abuse. He has been open to healing and uses many different healing strategies. He went on to happily marry and have a child, and he and his wife have just had their second child. I consider them to be my family and I am a happy tutu - grandma.

B inspires me to never give up on healing yourself and never give up on people.

"T" is a young man from Romania, currently living in England. He has a passion for promoting peace and he initially wrote us with an offer to translate the booklets or articles into Romanian. Every email he writes starts with the words "Greetings in Peace!" T works very hard, and he doesn't have much money, but he doesn't let that deter him from working for peace. He is a true peace ambassador and travels, photographs, and writes about his experiences. He has become my "little brother."

T inspires me to persist and work for what I believe to be important, and reminds me that I can do whatever I put my mind to, even if I don't have a lot of money.

"M" was a professor, living in Los Angeles. He wrote to Serge during a time when he was off-island, traveling and teaching in Europe. I'd screen Serge's email and respond where I could. M had attached a document, which I couldn't open, and had to ask him to re-send. It was about some spiritual experiences he was having, again with Hina. That Hina, she gets around! He was interesting, well-read, and funny and he was very interested in Hawaii and possibly moving here. We corresponded frequently, and then daily, and thenÉ he moved here and we got married and lived happily ever after.

He inspires me every day to be less critical, more loving, more aware, never stop learning and laugh a lot. He has truly taught me what partnering is all about.

Reverend Ruthann is a spiritual practitioner who has an extensive healing circle network. She sends her healing requests to Aloha International's healing circle online and I send some of ours to her. We have developed a personal relationship outside of these requests.

She inspires me to continue the healing circle work and be accepting of any and all strange psychic occurrences, which she views as miracle manifestations.

I have answered the on-line healing circle requests for the last 12 years. It is my honor and joy to do healing circle meditation for these folks on a daily basis. We have received so much positive feedback and people have shared truly miraculous healing results.

I am always inspired by these requests to be truly grateful for my good fortune and good health, and also grateful that I've learned some healing ways from others.

"Gladly would he teach, and gladly learn."
Chaucer, of the Canterbury pilgrim, the Clerk of Oxford
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