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Love It Into Being
by Stewart Blackburn

What's really going on when we attempt to manifest something? For starters, we have a desire. We want something that we think will make us feel good, at least for a while. Then our rational mind starts looking for ways to bring the object of our desire into our immediate experience. But the rational mind is only one of the tools we have at our disposal.

As a teacher of spiritual and metaphysical matters, I am well aware of the very real phenomenon of manifestation. I am also aware of the myriad styles and techniques that are offered to help people in their manifestation process. They all seem to emphasize visualization and energizing the dream. There are also elements of feeling the outcome and of allowing the manifestation to happen after all of the basics are taken care of. I have no quarrel with any of that. If someone follows those well-thought-through patterns, they can rightfully expect good results.

What I would suggest, though, is that this process is easily summed up in simply loving what you desire into being. By simply thinking of what it is that you want to bring into your life and loving it as thoroughly as you can, you automatically take care of all the basics.

Think about wanting to manifest a good job. If you hold in your mind some sense of what it is you'd call a "good job" and feel the pleasure of it to the point of loving it, then you have visualized it, energized it, and made it clear to the Universe that this is what you really want. As with anything that you love, you must let it be free to live its own life, so you allow it to come in its own time and manner. If you can't find enough to enjoy and feel good about in order to "love" it, then why bother? Apparently your idea of a "good job" isn't good enough to love. Try feeling more deeply into yourself and find something that really gets you excited enough to love it.

One of the little-spoken-of aspects of the manifestation process is that of self-confidence. Some people seem to have more of it than others and it is apparently rude to comment on someone else's self-confidence in a polite conversation. Yet things happen when we let go of fear and doubt, and trust that what we are doing will bring forth results. Think Harry Potter pointing his wand at a foe and shouting, "Expelliarmus!" It is the confidence of the command that makes it work.

Harry uses his will to focus his intent. When we love something into being we also use our will to focus our intent. But instead of using some unknown magical force, we use the magic of love. Commands can be big and showy or soft and very persuasive. Love commands are of the latter type. Love affects the fabric of reality and changes things on a deeper level than commands of a forceful nature.

That deeper level, the level where our blueprint or program or template resides, is where those of us using shamanic methods work. We want to change who we are to accommodate our new desire. It's the difference between, "I really want to have that BMW!" and "I love being the happy owner of a BMW!" Love lets us change our identity to include the fulfillment of our desire.

When it comes to energizing our desire, nothing beats love. Mystics will tell us that love is what we're made of. Using the foundational energy of creation seems like a good idea when we're in the business of creation. However we might want to look at it, working in a state of love is the most effective practice we can have.

We do need to remember that when we want to manifest something, there is a feeling that underlies that desire that we want. If I desire a sailboat, it could easily be that I want to experience the feeling of freedom that often comes as we speedily glide across the waters almost silently. That sense of freedom is spectacular and the idea is that owning a sailboat will allow us to have that feeling often. After a few years of owning that sailboat, there may well come a time when we want a new sense of freedom. So we put the sailboat on the market and hope for a quick sale.

The point is that there is always a feeling that we're after when we have a desire. Allowing ourselves to have that feeling in advance speeds up the manifestation process. And when we can reach the level of love, we can maximize our efforts.

So the process of loving something into being is very simple. Understand what it is that you want, be willing to trust that you can have it, and allow yourself to feel fully the love you have for what it is that you want. Savor that feeling of love. There's nothing selfish or greedy about wanting things. And, yes, it's important to be mindful of the needs and desires of those around us. But we live and grow in a world of desire. Wanting things that we think will make us happy is the motivation for everything we do.

Therefore, find what you truly love and take the time to enjoy the anticipation of that something coming into your life. There is no more powerful way to manifest it.

Copyright 2019 Stewart Blackburn

Stewart Blackburn is the author of It's Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion, We Come Back to Ourselves. His website is: www.stewartblackburn.com; email: lomilomiman@gmail.com.

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