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The Magical Flute: Using the Hawaiian Nose Flute for Healing and Manifesting
by Jim Fallon

Like most natives of indigenous cultures, ancient Hawaiians developed a type of flute, in addition to their more common percussion instruments like drums, rattles, and castanets. However, the Hawaiian flute, unlike most, was played with the nose. For details on construction and playing, see the article by Serge Kahili King, 'Ohe Hano Ihu. In this article we are going to discover how the Hawaiian nose flute can be used for healing and manifesting.

Traditionally, the Hawaiian nose flute was commonly used as a form of communication between lovers. One would play a song from the heart to his sweetheart at night, and then, in the morning, play his flute at the sea shore. If the potential mate liked his song, she would greet him at the shore, an indication of acceptance. This is important, as it reveals that the nose flute was used to help manifest the intent desired, in this case, a love relationship. We can also use this principle to help manifest healings and our intentions in our lives.

The nose flute was also used in conjunction with certain chants and songs. In fact, it has been reported that some skillful musicians could make the playing of the flute itself sound like chanting. The Hawaiians believe that the nose is pure and innocent, unlike the mouth which can say many things both positive and negative. So the breath entering and exiting the 'ohe hano ihu is considered to be more spiritual than that of the mouth. This goes along with the Hawaiian legend that God breathed the breath of life into man through the nostrils. Thus they used the flute for prayer and manifestation.

Because of the principle of brain entrainment, where the brain tries to naturally adjust it's frequency to that of external sounds, playing the nose flute is helpful in changing the state of consciousness from a Beta, or higher, brainwave state, to a lower brainwave state, say of Alpha or Theta. The sequence of the notes played helps in accomplishing this state of consciousness change. Below you will find a technique for improvisation that helps to entrain the brain to deeper states of consciousness.

In using the nose flute for healing or manifestations, one could make up a song about a situation or condition, then change or shift the song, or improve it for the desired end result to manifest. This is taking the literal, the actual physical condition, to the mythical, the spiritual level. Shamans use this technique to make a mythical/literal "song map," where they take the energy of the physical body, the breath, and put it into a symbolically mythical map, a song. They then change the mythical map, the song, to effect change in the literal or physical world. This change, the old song modified or improved, is now reflected in the new song.

One way that the nose flute can be used to bring in a little more creativity, and intent into one's healing and manifesting work, is by bringing music into the secret shaman technique Dr. King refers to in his book, Urban Shaman, that of changing the position of stones to change the outcome of a divination. With the flute we can change the position or sequence of notes to do the same thing. And while doing this, one is also getting an assist from the breath. This helps take the inner thought and manifest it into the physical through the use of the flute.

Many of us have experienced attracting like thoughts when we have listened to a song, and then found the song replaying in our minds over and over again. While we either play or listen to a song, even though we may not realize it, we give full subconscious attention and focus to the thought of the song. As we do that, we are attracting more of the like thoughts expressed by our song.

Sound as always been considered a direct link between humankind and the "divine". As we know, music can induce altered states of consciousness, open up new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition, and increase creativity.

The following process is similar to a technique taught in musical colleges as a tool for improvisation and song writing. What we do is map the letters of a word or name to the fingering of the flute. Since there are 26 letters in the English alphabet and 4 finger patterns in playing the typical Hawaiian nose flute, each finger pattern will be assigned multiple letters. The number four is highly significant. Not only is the Hawaiian form of counting founded on a Base 4 system, as opposed to our modern Base 10 system, the Hawaiian word for "four" is ha, which also means "life, breath, spirit." And it has a further use in the language as a "causative" particle, which relates to manifesting.

If we assign the open fingering (playing a note without covering any of the holes) to "0," the fingering of the first (closest to your face) hole to "1," the second to "2" and the third to "3," then we can make this chart of correspondences:

0 1 2 3

To demonstrate, if we use the chart to convert the phrase, "I love you" into numbers we would get the following sequence: 03210020. The specific notes would vary with the flute, but it still produces a very pleasing melody.

Before examples are given for healing pain or finding a job, let's talk a little more about how this method works.

Three principles will be given, which will allow the reader to further embellish this system fit their needs.

The first principle is in the form of a small equation. It simply states that sound plus intent equals manifestation. From the application of the nose flute in courting, we learned that the intent of the individual was added with the sound of the nose flute to bring about the desired manifestation, in this case the relationship desired. We can add to this by also saying that the "force" of the desired manifestation is equal to the intensity of what is desired, multiplied by the duration of the applied intent.

The second principle is from Quantum Physics, the principle of complementarity. It basically states that there is no actual reality until that reality is perceived or observed. The very act of changing the way one looks at something changes what they look at. This is like taking a quantum wave of probability, and changing the wave to a particle, which increases the probability of manifestation.

The third principle is the old standby, the law of opposites. This law is clearly explained in Dr. King's article about healing Katrina. An image is made of the existing situation, an then that image is changed into another image, usually the opposite, to neutralize the undesired condition.

Example: healing a pain somewhere in the body:

One method is to simply write a small statement describing the condition, such as "I have a pain in my back."

1. Convert the letters in this statement to musical notes using the above chart.

2. Let us say, for example, the melody of that statement, which we now have converted to musical sound, so that we can use our intent to bring out the desired manifestation, was something like "do mi mi so la". To use the nose flute to help in this healing, one would simple reverse the melody. For example, change it to "la so mi mi do". This reversal applies the opposite "force" and neutralizes the original condition, acting like a psychic switch that turns off the state of consciousness related to the original condition and activates the new desired state of consciousness related to the desired manifestation.

3. Play the original melody with the nose flute with the right nostril, then switch the nostril to the left, (opposite nostril) and play the new changed melody to manifest the desired condition.

As a modification of the above technique, one could also use the principles of Dynamind, where we could describe a symbol for the original condition, and then ask what would the healed condition look like. If the original symbol describing the pain in the back was, for example, a black square, use the chart to compose a melody for "black square." If the symbol for the healed state was, say, a blue circle, compose the melody for that. Play the original melody with the right nostril, and then switch to the left, and play the melody for that healed condition. We still get the reversal technique, because we are switching to the opposite nostril, which symbolically neutralizes the original condition.

The same techniques can be used to get a job. If the initial situation was "I am unemployed," one would write the melody for that, then reverse the melody. Play the original melody with the right nostril, then switch to the left, and use the left nostril to play the new melody.

In using the Dynamind Symbolic Key technique, if the symbol for the unemployment was, say "a knife in the shoulder", ask for a symbol for having a job. If that symbol was a "flowing stream", then you now have the two symbols to work with as explained in the healing example. One could also use the original symbol, the "knife in the shoulder", write the melody for that, and then simply decide to change the original symbol to something better, say a " free moving shoulder", and proceed form that point.

As the Hawaiians might say, Aia no i ka mea e mele ana, "Let the singer select the song."

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